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Twenty-sixth Color and Imaging…

Twenty-sixth Color and Imaging Conference : Color Science and Engineering Systems, Technologies, and Applications

Call for papers and/or posters / Appel à communications et/ou posters
Organizing institution(s): Society for Imaging Science and Technology (imaging.org)
Début: 12-11-2018
Event end date:
Location of event: Vancouver, BC, Canada

CIC26 Conference Topics

Technical papers are invited in, but not limited to, the following:

  • Color Perception: Visual adaptation, visual psychophysics, color blindness, inter-observer differences, salience and attention, psychological effects of color, spatial and temporal color vision, color semiotics, color harmony, memory color, animal color vision
  • Capture and Display: Image capture, color imaging sensing, multi-modal capture, multi-primary displays, mobile color imaging, special effects color printing, multi-ink printing, high dynamic range (HDR) color imaging, pseudo-color and data visualization, color imaging workflows
  • Material Appearance and Color: Material capture, appearance reproduction, and modeling (gloss, translucence, etc.), color 3D printing, color in 3D, 3D CAD modeling, 3D scanning, spatial color models, computer generated imagery (CGI)
  • Color in Illumination and Lighting: Color rendering, color mixing, light projection, metamerism, multi-illumination imaging, atmosphere, quality of light
  • Color Theory: Color science, colorimetry, uniform color spaces, expanded color spaces, color difference, color appearance models, color constancy, color modeling, color distribution in the universe, color and psychophysics
  • Image Quality:  Image quality, color image processing, color gamut mapping, computational imaging, color difference metrics, color preference, color fidelity
  • Multispectral Imaging: Spectral image capture, processing and analysis, spectral image quality, spectral image visualization, display and reproduction, spectral optimization of imaging systems, spectral image applications
  • Specific Color Applications: Color in cinema, broadcast video, AR/VR, user interfaces, computer graphics, computer vision video games, medical and dental imaging, biomedical prosthetics, security applications, camouflage, automotive applications, paints, coatings, nano-materials

Submission Deadline: April 15, 2018

Accepted Papers Deadline: September 7, 2018

Link with the relevant information: Conference website
Submission of abstracts deadline date: