Governing Bodies

These are core records on the policy and decision making work of ICCROM General Assembly, Council and Office of the Director-General for the development of cultural heritage conservation worldwide.  This section also includes records concerning the creation of ICCROM and ICCROM’s relations with both Member States and partner institutions, such as memberships, joint agreements, correspondence and mission reports.

The series of the main records is as follows:

  • General Assembly (since 1960): This series is composed of records related to the work of the Assembly and its Committees (Credentials and Candidatures for the Council), which consists of: adoption of its own Rules of Procedure; approval of changes to ICCROM’s Statutes and financial regulations; fixing the contributions of Member States; approval of reports of the Council and Secretariat activities (including ICCROM’s Programme of Activities and Budget); election of Council members; and appointment of the Director-General.
  • Council (since 1958): This series is composed of records related to the work of the Council and its Committees, which were firstly constituted in 1977 and embrace from the Finance and Programme Committee (FPC), to the Standards and Training Committee (STC), Academic Advisory Committee (AAC) to the current Bureau. Records also relate to the adoption of the Council’s own Rules of Procedures, formulation of ICCROM’s long-term policies, nomination and selection of the winner of the ICCROM Award, etc.
  • Office of the Director-General (since 1950): This series includes records produced showing the relations between ICCROM, represented through its Director-General, with Member States and partner institutions (i.e., UNESCO, UNESCO World Heritage, ICOM, ICOMOS, IUCN, etc.). Records also relate to ICCROM’s legal status and headquarter agreements signed with Italy and the United Arab Emirates; development of policies and procedures for the management of the Organization; execution of the Programme of Activities and Budget; as well as records related to the creation of ICCROM.