"50 Years World Heritage Convention: Times of Peace, Conflict and War"

Organizing institution(s): Institute Heritage Studies
Event start date: 04-11-2022
Event end date:
Location of event: hybrid - Federal Foreign Office, Berlin and online

As a celebration to 50 years of the World Heritage Convention, the Institute Heritage Studies (IHS) is holding a conference and book presentation “50 Years World Heritage Convention: Times of Peace, Conflict and War”.

This event aims to communicate the importance of World Heritage for our common future, define the resulting requirements, and confirm it as a commitment of the international community. True to this message, the conference will provide insight into diverse perspectives and interpretations of World Heritage, the Convention, and its Peace Mandate. By bringing together a wide variety of people and institutions, representing different generations and expertise, the diversity of humanity’s heritage will be illustrated.

The book “50 Years World Heritage Convention: Shared Responsibility – Conflict & Reconciliation” is written by 61 authors coming from 28 countries around the world, covering a wide range of perspectives. It will be available to download for free as Open-Access. It reflects on the past, present and future of the World Heritage Convention, concerning the conflict areas:

1.    Global Governance
2.    Urban Transformation
3.    War & Terrorism
4.    Climate Change
5.    Technological Change
6.    Commodification of Heritage

Further Information, such as the book abstracts and biographies of experts, can be found on the project website as well.

For questions please contact: Sandra Nasser (nasser@inaberlin.org).
This event is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.