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Maldives is preserving its pre-Islamic heritage, with some help from India

For the Maldives, Landhoo island serves as an important link in understanding and researching the country’s pre-Islamic past.


Exploring Serbian women’s voices from the pandemic through cultural heritage

" The National Library of Serbia is the country's national, central, research, and general scientific library. It is the parent library institution for all libraries in Serbia."

United States of America

Combating Sensory Overload: How Zoos and Museums Are Redefining Inclusion

A growing movement among tourist attractions aims to expand the idea of accessibility to accommodate people with sensory-processing issues.


Italy’s 'monuments men' sign deal with Unesco to help protect world's heritage

Italy has signed a decree enabling its world-leading heritage protection taskforce to operate overseas on direct request from Unesco.


Cuba’s Railway Museum wins National Restoration Award

The various objects of the Railway Museum, crucial in the socio-historic development of this city, were acknowledged with the Restoration Award granted by the National Council of Cultural Heritage.


Moroccan Heritage

Morocco has officially launched the “Moroccan Heritage” label aimed at promoting the nation's cultural heritage.


Using heritage to improve people’s lives

In the last decade and a half, the AKTC has conserved about 60 monuments in the vicinity, the most recent being the 16th-century turquoise domed tomb located on Mathura Road called Sabz Burj, which...


Big cultural, heritage and tourism plans for Freedom Village

Rock Hall Freedom Village will become a multifunctional cultural and heritage site and an exemplar of how community tourism ought to be done, Minister with responsibility for Culture Senator Dr...

Czech Republic

Czech brewers hope to add Czechia’s beer drinking culture to UNESCO heritage list

The Czech Association of Breweries and Malt Houses (ČSPS) is aiming to get Czech beer culture added to UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage list.


Japan's humble birthplace of soy sauce

Soy sauce is ubiquitous throughout Japan and the world. But few know about the ancient origins of the holy grail of Japanese cuisine.


Mountain and Snow Tourism Summit Looks to Sustainable Future

The 11th World Congress on Snow and Mountain Tourism has concluded with a shared commitment to centre innovation and promote investment in green infrastructure and low-impact travel experiences.


Cultural Heritage Protection, Uniting Military Partners in Honduras Through Shared History

Central America is vulnerable to earthquakes, hurricanes, tropical storms, and volcanic eruptions, making damage to historic sites a high-risk. As partners to this region, U.S. Southern Command...

Great Museum of Africa to preserve, promote heritage

The Great Museum of Africa, to be hosted in Algiers, Algeria, will be launched in 2023 as part of the first 10-year implementation plan of the African Union's 50-year continental development Agenda...

The Educator Stockpiling—and Sharing—Turkey’s Heritage Seeds

You don’t save agricultural traditions without swapping some seeds.

Dominican Republic

The mysterious people of the Caribbean

A rare archaeological discovery on the Dominican Republic's secluded Samaná Peninsula could unlock the mystery behind the Caribbean's little-known pre-Arawak past.


Sculptures vandalised by Isis return to ancient city of Hatra after restoration

Artefacts had been "smashed into pieces" by Isis militants when they occupied the Unesco World Heritage site as a training camp


Cambodia, UNESCO promote conservation of cultural heritage site

The Cambodian Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts and UNESCO have produced a short video to shed light on the richness of the site of Koh Ker in the northern province of Preah Vihear, on the occasion of...


A possible Neolithic crime scene in Serbia

In 1931, Serbian archaeologist Miloje Vasić discovered a pit containing human skeletal remains whilst researching the Vinča-Belo Brdo archaeological site in the suburbs of Belgrade, Serbia.


Take a Tour of Stockholm’s Newly Opened Avicii Experience Tribute Museum

After years of planning, the Avicii Experience tribute museum opens Friday (Feb. 25) in the late producer’s hometown of Stockholm.

United Republic of Tanzania

At Unguja Ukuu, human activity transformed the coast of Zanzibar more than 1,000 years ago

The medieval settlement of Unguja Ukuu, on the Zanzibar Archipelago off the coast of Tanzania, was a key port in an extensive Indian Ocean trade network that linked eastern Africa, southern Arabia...


Empowering the youth and protecting our heritage structures

'Empowering the Filipino youth by protecting our heritage structures', that's the principle behind a non-government organization called 'Escuela Taller de Filipinas Foundation'.


In Brazil, a Museum Within a Museum Restores a Legacy

The Afro-Brazilian activist Abdias do Nascimento envisioned a museum of Black art. More than 70 years later, it has taken up residence at the Inhotim Institute.


How NFTs can protect Nigeria’s cultural heritage

Wallets exchanged over $25 billion of NFTs in 2021, which is a testament to the exponential growth that NFTs have undergone despite speculations and little understanding of blockchain technology and...


Major exhibition in Libya aims to prepare for a surge of archaeological activity once political stability returns

As the two countries look to rekindle historical bonds, a new show shines a light on an archaeological partnership spanning more than a century


A Gladiator Arena, Possibly the Last Ever Built, Discovered in Switzerland

Archaeologists unearth a fourth century amphitheater that stood on the far reaches of the Roman Empire more than 1,400 years ago.


Conservation of Karachi's historic Nusserwanjee Building completed

KARACHI: The conservation of Nusserwanjee Building on the campus of the Indus Valley School (IVS) of Art and Architecture has been completed. To mark the occasion, an event was organised on Monday...


Chile’s Pavilion at the Venice Biennial 2021 Arrives at Santiago’s Museum of Contemporary Art

Testimonial Spaces, the theme of Chile's pavilion at the recent Venice Biennial 2021, opened to the public on the 18th of January at Santiago's Museum of Contemporary Art.


Finland Returns Thousands Of Artifacts To Sámi Homeland In Lapland

“Repatriation is currently a hot topic in the museum sector around the world and challenges us to rethink the role of museums and the power that they wield,” Elina Anttila.


Ice-age remains near Sea of Galilee show ancient residents thrived as ice melted

Hebrew University analysis of animal remains at 23,000 year old fisher-hunter-gatherer camp prove these ancient inhabitants thrived where many starved


“Compact” involves local people in Okavango Basin conservation

UNESCO announces the launch of the Community-Based Protected Area Management for Conservation (Compact) program in Botswana. This initiative puts local communities at the center of conservation in the...