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Organizing Temporary Exhibitions from…

Organizing Temporary Exhibitions from your Collections and Touring Strategies

Course / Cours
Organizing institution(s): The Heritage Management Organization
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Location of event (if online/distance learning please specify): Athens, Greece
The Heritage Management Organization
Training Heritage Leaders
Spring 2019
Executive Leadership Development in Heritage Management Workshops
Organizing Temporary Exhibitions from your Collections and Touring Strategies
12-14 April, 2019
Location: Library of The Friends of Music Society, Megaron Mousikis Athinon (The Athens Concert Hall), Vasilissis Sofias & Kokkali 1, 115 21 Athens, Greece
A 3 day workshop that focuses on how temporary exhibitions can enhance and promote the mission of a museum, create new audiences and generate revenue for an institution.
Starting with a look at building an institutional strategy for exhibition making and partnership building, participants will explore the process behind making temporary exhibitions for display at home and for tour. This will include identifying exhibition objectives, shaping the narrative and content to create a compelling visitor experience as well as strategies for touring exhibitions nationally and internationally. The workshop will encourage a discursive and participatory approach and attendees are encouraged to bring their own ideas and projects to the table.
The workshop will be delivered by Rosie Wanek and Dana Andrew. Rosie Wanek is a freelance Exhibitions Manager and curator, who has worked for small and large institutions, such as Somerset House and Victoria & Albert Museum, specializing in exhibition development and delivery locally and internationally. Dana Andrew is a museum consultant with extensive experience in touring exhibitions and delivering international projects, and is part-time Executive Director of ICOM UK.
• Scholarships for participation (covering the training expenses/tuition, lunch and refreshments, and hotel stay for the duration of the workshop) will be available for qualified candidates (staff members/employees) of the Iraqi museums of Baghdad, Mosul, Sulaimaniya, and Basrah) (excluding airfare/travel expenses and our Organization’s 2019 membership fee).

To apply for this workshop please:
• 1) fill in and submit the Executive Leadership Program in Heritage Management Application Form
• 2) after receiving confirmation of receipt of your application, complete the application process by submitting your curriculum vitae, personal statement and reference letter (which may come in separately by your referee at their earliest convenience). All your application documents may be submitted by email to inherity.info@gmail.com. Applications should not exceed 750 words in total and your curriculum vitae should be up to 1000 words maximum.
• 3) a reasonable proficiency in spoken and written English is required to attend the course. In order to assess it, applicants will be asked to participate in a personal (spoken) interview.
After approval of their application file, participants will receive an official letter outlining in detail the conditions of participation. Heritage Management Organization Membership is required for participation in all of our Organization’s Executive Leadership in Heritage Management Workshops. Recipients of scholarships for participation in this workshop are (generally) required to pay the general membership fee (100 Euros).
Spaces for this workshop are limited, so please apply early.
The application deadline is Friday 15 March 2019.
For questions regarding the application process and the administrative aspects of the course, contact Dr. Eleni Drakaki at inherity.info@gmail.com

Application deadline: