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NEW!! Workshop for Archaeometry and 3D…

NEW!! Workshop for Archaeometry and 3D Documentation of Ancient Greek Pottery

Field School / École de terrain
Organizing institution(s): Balkan Heritage Foundation/"Athena" Research & Innovation Center in Information, Communication & Knowledge Technologies
Training start date:
Training end date:
Location of event (if online/distance learning please specify): Bulgaria, Greece
The workshop aims to acquaint participants with Ancient Greek pottery and the contemporary methods of its study and documentation. It will offer full experience, from the discovery to the preparation for publication/exhibition of the finds. Participants will gain comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience in Ancient Greek pottery employing Archaeometry and 3D Documentation in its study, interpretation and presentation. Pottery cleaning, documenting and sorting, dating and analysis (TL/OSL Dating measurements and data analysis, analysis by X-rays and μ-XRF) as well as innovative 3D applications in pottery research and trends for future developments will be presented. Guided visit to the old town of Xanthi as well as to the ancient city of Abdera, the homeland of Democritus (archaeological site and museum) will take place during the workshop.

For more information and to apply: https://www.bhfieldschool.org/program/workshop-archaeometry-3D-Documentation-Ancient-Greek-Pottery
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