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restauro dei beni culturali

Parisa Abdollahi

Country: Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Year: 2017

Parisa Abdollahi

Parisa Abdollahi, a lecturer at the Department of Conservation, Faculty of Art and Architecture, Tehran Azad University, was a Visiting Researcher with several study visits to ICCROM up until March 2018. She is pursuing PhD studies in conservation and restoration of historic objects and architectural decorations in Tehran Art University, under the supervision of former ICCROM Council Member Dr Abdorasool Vatandoust, of Dr Kouros Samanian at Tehran Art University, and of present ICCROM Council Member Dr Mohammad Hassan Talebian.

Parisa is well known to ICCROM, having participated in the Course on Conservation of Japanese Paper in 2011 and on the Stone Conservation Course in 2013.

Parisa’s current research is entitled “Value-based Determination and Formulation of Conservation/Restoration Approaches for Preservation of Stone Reliefs in the World Heritage Site of Persepolis with particular attention to the Integrated Restoration Works.” At ICCROM, Parisa carried out comparative studies on the restoration works and approaches in Persepolis and relevant historical sites in Italy such as Roman Forum.