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Digital transformation nelle ONG, ecco un testimonial di eccellenza

Solitamente, quando si parla di trasformazione digitale ci si riferisce principalmente all’innovazione nelle aziende o alla digitalizzazione della pubblica amministrazione, ragionando in termini di maggiore efficienza e maggiore efficacia nella risposta alle esigenze di clienti e cittadini. Rischia così di rimanere in secondo piano un aspetto, fondamentale ma troppo poco evidenziato, dell’impatto che la trasformazione digitale ha per supportare uno sviluppo sostenibile.

ICCROM-Sharjah Regional Meet for Stronger Administrative, Legal Frameworks to Protect Cultural Heritage

Sharjah Govt Media Bureau, 24 October 2018
A regional meeting on “Enhancing Administrative and Legislative Frameworks for the Protection of Cultural Heritage" organised by the Regional Centre for Cultural Heritage Conservation in the Arab World (ICCROM - Sharjah), with support from the Swiss government, and the UAE’s Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development, discussed the significance of the United Arab Emirates initiatives aimed at preserving cultural heritage and the dissemination of heritage culture in upcoming generations.

The BBC's Front Row interviews ICCROM's Aparna Tandon and José Luiz Pedersoli and UNESCO's Giovanni Boccardi on protecting heritage in times of crisis

BBC, 4 October 2018
The BBC's Front Row interviews ICCROM's Aparna Tandon and José Luiz Pedersoli and UNESCO's Giovanni Boccardi on protecting heritage in times of crisis, (interview begins at 18 mins 30 seconds).

Brazil's Museum Fire Proves Cultural Memory Needs a Digital Backup

Wired, 7 September 2018
Fire doesn’t heed history. It doesn’t care about posterity or culture or memory. Fire consumes everything and anything, even if that thing is the last of its kind. On Sunday night, it came for the National Museum of Brazil, burning for six hours and leaving behind ashes where there had been dinosaur fossils, the oldest human remains ever found in Brazil, and audio recordings and documents of indigenous languages.

Panel set up to revive state’s cultural heritage

The Times of India, 6 September 2018
Thiruvananthapuram: The recent floods, which killed hundreds of people and destroyed thousands of homes, have left a devastating impact on the state’s rich cultural heritage as well. The makers of Aranmula Kannadi (mirror), for instance, have lost their source of livelihood, having lost their homes and workshops after the Pamba River spilled over its banks.

ICOMOS-India launches initiative to save cultural heritage damaged in flood-hit Kerala

Business Standard, 22 August 2018
The ICOMOS, a global monument conservation body, has launched an initiative to assess the damage to the rich cultural and built heritage in flood-devastated Kerala and set up an emergency response platform, an official said today.

The Taj Mahal Is Turning Green: The Struggle to Preserve Priceless Monuments

Howstuffworks, 1 August 2018
The Taj Mahal is one of the seven new wonders of the world, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and easily the most famous cultural landmark in India. But a caustic combination of air pollution, water pollution and bug poop (yes, bug poop) has left its mark, literally, on the nearly 400-year-old, palatial marble mausoleum.

Reconstruction of Mosul’s leaning minaret, mosque to start next week

Howstuffworks, 26 June 2018
Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) The reconstruction work at the Grand Nuri al-Kabeer mosque in Mosul will take place next week, after almost a year of its destruction during liberation battles against Islamic State to free the city. The semi-official Al-Sabah newspaper quoted Bashar al-Kiki, head of Nineveh provincial council, as saying that “the reconstruction of the Nuri al-Kabeer mosque, which is famous for its leaning minaret, is scheduled to start next week after Emirates has donated sum of USD 50 million.”

ICCROM director on the future of the organisation

The National, 29 April 2018
In January, Webber Ndoro started as director-general of the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (Iccrom), which works with conservators, curators, archivists and archaeologists to safeguard global cultural heritage. Ndoro, who was previously head of the African World Heritage Fund in South Africa, now oversees the intergovernmental organisation, which is based in Rome. We sat down with him after his participation at Abu Dhabi’s CultureSummit.

Témoignage de Samir Abdulac de retour de Damas

AFS - Association d'Amitié France-Syrie, 22 January 2017
Témoignage remarquable de Samir Abdulac, Président du groupe de travail ICOMOS pour la sauvegarde du patrimoine culturel en Irak et en Syrie, qui s’est rendu récemment à Damas pour assister à un congrès d’archéologues organisé par la DGAM( Direction Générale des Antiquités et des Musées de Syrie).