International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property

How the discovery of broken mosaics motivated an artist to promote a bill in Uruguay

The Uruguayan visual artist Martín Sastre wants a regulation – which he baptized as ‘Ley Lala’, in honor of his grandmother – to serve as a heritage promotion to preserve homes, buildings and green...


World Tourism Day: How travel industry has helped promote Rwanda’s heritage

On Monday, September 27, Rwanda joined the rest of the world to celebrate World Tourism Day which among other key messages this year focused the importance of the travel industry in preserving and...

United States of America

Wupatki National Monument, Home to 5,000 Indigenous Sites, Will Be Conserved

The Wupatki National Monument is one of North America’s most significant natural, historical, and cultural centers. In addition to its unique red-rock landscape populated by jackrabbits, coyotes, and...



Januário Janos' multimedia art highlights his personal story, Angolan culture and African history - fronting the conversation about telling African narratives through African perspectives.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka to apply for world heritage status for another archaeological site

Measures have been taken to conserve and develop several places of tourist interest with the intention of promoting tourism in the country, Secretary of the Buddhasasana, Religion and Cultural Affairs...


Europa Nostra Award goes to Cyprus’ bicommunal technical committee on cultural heritage

The bicommunal Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage in divided Cyprus has won a Grand Prix Award at the 2021 European Heritage Awards/Europa Nostra Awards.


GABON: Ivindo Park listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Ivindo National Park, located in northern Gabon, is now part of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage. The announcement was made on July 28th...


The Philippines: A rising tourism destination in a post-Covid world

The Philippines offers unique experiences for all kinds of tourists looking for a relaxed and laid-back getaway from the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives, from sandy shores to dreamy mountain...


Dublin landmark Saint Patrick's Cathedral completes its biggest building project in 150 years

MORE THAN 14,000 roof slates have been replaced on the iconic Dublin landmark Saint Patrick’s Cathedral as part of a major renovation project. Essential fire protection systems have also been...


Exploring China's Ocean Civilization: Documentary "Return to Zai Tun" is on National Geographic

Documentary film "Return to Zai Tun" is airing on National Geographic starting from September 4, broadcasting to 170 countries and regions worldwide in 43 languages, to reveal the story of Quanzhou...


Albania and US Sign Deal to Fight Trafficking of Cultural Objects

Albania and the United States have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to protect Albania’s cultural and archeological heritage from looting and trafficking. The MOU imposes import restrictions on...


Preserving Namibian heritage and culture

The Museums Association of Namibia will be celebrating Heritage Week from 20 to 26 September 2021 across the country, under the theme: ‘Fashion, the threads that bind us together’.


Putting Pieces of Beirut’s Past Back Together

The cataclysmic explosion that shook Beirut last August killed more than 200 people and injured thousands. It also inflicted enduring damage on invaluable pieces of Lebanon’s culture and heritage...

South Africa

Call to teach children cultural heritage

As South Africa celebrates Heritage Month, the Minister for Sport, Arts and Culture, Nathi Mthethwa, has called on South Africans to pass on their cultural heritage to children.

Russian Federation

Archaeologists excavate traces of 10,000-year-old Mesolithic settlements

Archaeologists from the Institute of Archaeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences has excavated traces of Mesolithic settlements near the Veletma River in Russia.


Egyptian embassy in London restores 3 ancient artifacts

Egyptian Ambassador in London Tarek Adel managed to restore three ancient artifacts dating back to the Pharaonic and Greek eras before being sold in an auction hall in London, according to a statement...


Africa: Instability Is Decimating Mali's Cultural Heritage

Without a single prosecution, the illegal trade in artefacts is causing a catastrophic loss for the country. Mali is a country rich in heritage and cultural artefacts. Terracotta and bronze figurines...


'A vast underwater museum': Greece plans to open shipwrecks and other submerged heritage sites for visitors to explore

Submerged ancient cities, rows of amphorae from the fifth century BC, anchors from Byzantine shipwrecks, Second World War aircrafts: Greek seas harbour a unique heritage that is gradually becoming...


'We must reflect society's big issues', says first woman director of Le Louvre

Laurence des Cars, known for promoting social issues through art, will head the Louvre in Paris from 1 September. This is the first time a woman will be in charge of the world's biggest museum since...


As Fires Consume Brazilian Cultural Heritage, Could Cinemateca Brasileira Be Next?

In the midst of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, Brazil’s cultural institutions are facing an onslaught of funding cuts, closures and employee layoffs, made all the more painful by the federal...


Restored Plaka Bridge receives Europa Nostra Heritage Award

The project to restore and reconstruct the historic Plaka Bridge in Epirus, has won one of 24 European Heritage Awards/ Europa Nostra Awards in 2021. The Plaka Bridge, which was washed away by a flash...


Cairo Opera to open ‘Cairo 50’ Architectural Heritage Exhibition

The Cairo Opera House will open, on Monday, an Architectural Heritage Exhibition titled “Cairo 50”, which will showcase the artistic and architectural heritage of Egypt.


Archaeologists in Italy Unearth Marble Bust of Rome’s First Emperor, Augustus

Last week, construction workers conducting renovations in Isernia, a town in south-central Italy, unearthed a long-lost portrait of an ancient ruler: namely, a weathered marble head that dates to the...


A Virtual Gallery Keeps Culture Alive in Crisis-Hit Lebanon

An exhibition commemorating an artist who was killed in the catastrophic explosion in Beirut last year seeks to convey a message of hope and resilience to Lebanon amid economic crisis and the Covid-19...


Museums Around the World Make Renewed Push to Repatriate Benin Bronzes

More than a century later, the so-called Benin Bronzes remain scattered throughout at least 161 museums around the world, according to research compiled by Dan Hicks, an archaeologist at the...


A Stunning Archaeological Discovery Suggests the Mayas Had Direct Contact With Another Civilization More Than 800 Miles Away

An ancient temple hidden right under archaeologists’ noses at Tikal, one of the world’s most famous Maya sites, hints at a tantalizing connection between the Guatemalan city and Teotihuacan, a...


Cultural body releases list of top 10 archeological findings

A list of the top 10 archeological discoveries of 2020 was released on Tuesday by the National Cultural Heritage Administration. The Jingtoushan ruins in east China’s Zhejiang Province have been...

Syrian Arab Republic

He recorded the recipes of his Syrian heritage to keep them alive

In cultures where there’s unrest and strife, there’s an urgency to record the recipes of the mothers and grandmothers. As the culture disintegrates, so may everything about the table, including the...

South Africa

Graffiti threatens precious evidence of ancient life on South Africa’s coast

The rocky outcrops that dot much of South Africa’s coastline contain hidden treasure: the cemented remains of the dune and beach surfaces that existed hundreds of thousands of years ago.


This is how Italy is protecting its underwater cultural heritage

As a country surrounded on three out of four sides by water, in the smack-middle of the Mediterranean and the trading routes that its dozens of civilizations have used throughout the centuries, it...