International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property

'A matter of fairness': New debate about Benin Bronzes in Germany

The debate about looted colonial art in German museums has gained new momentum. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has taken a clear stand on the issue.

Republic of Korea

The Republic of Korea Pledges 6 million USD for World Heritage-related activities in Asia and the Pacific

On 17 March 2021, the Director-General of UNESCO received, via the Permanent Delegation of the Republic of Korea to UNESCO, a letter from Mr KIM Hyun-mo, Administrator of the Cultural Heritage...


Estonia signs the Faro Convention

In the presence of Mr Bjørn Berge, Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Ambassador Rasmus Lumi, Permanent Representative of Estonia to the Council of Europe, signed the Council of Europe...


Treasures from mystery civilisation could rewrite history of China

Artefacts discovered in southwestern China suggest that the area was once home to an unknown civilisation whose existence may rewrite the history of China.


alvar aalto's concrete silo to be turned into research center by skene catling de la peña

alvar aalto’s first industrial building — a concrete silo in oulu, northern finland — is set to be transformed into a new research center focused on industrial heritage and its environmental impact...

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia: AlUla Old Town reopens to visitors after restoration

AlUla Old Town in Saudi Arabia has welcomed back visitors after a three year hiatus for extensive restoration and conservation in sections of the town’s tightly packed stone and mudbrick buildings...

Costa Rica

Costa Rican National Assembly Declares the “Guanacaste Quijongo” Cultural Heritage of the Nation

The Guanacaste Quijongo is a musical instrument made up of a two meter long rod from the tree called “Guácimo de Calnero”, a rope tied end to end, a sound box, a plains jícaro and a handkerchief. It...


What is the future of heritage conservation?

Nayana Kathpalia has lived across the road from south Mumbai’s iconic Oval Maidan since the day she was born. Over time, from the window she still sits at, the 77-year-old watched it transform from a...


NMK roots for community involvement in heritage conservation

The NMK, the state corporation that manages museums, sites and monuments contends that strong tidal waves caused by a warming planet are putting iconic and historical sites across the coastline at...


Fearing Climate Change, the Louvre’s New Conservation Center will Hold One-Third of the Museum’s Entire Art Collection

In 1910, there was the Great Flood of Paris: Excess rainwater raised water levels eightfold. Photos from that time show locals riding down streets in makeshift boats. With global warming, there is a...


Qatar National Library provides insights into past

Ancient manuscripts and heritage objects were put under the spotlight when Qatar National Library played host to a special six-day event. The ‘Scientific Applications in Cultural Heritage Forum’...


Romania's young history fans battle to save imperial spa resort

Nestled in a deep mountain gorge in southwest Romania, a group of students and young architects are trying to breathe life into a dilapidated thermal spa town that was once the playground of European...


ALIPH to help Rescue the Arch of Ctesiphon

The International alliance for the protection of heritage in conflict areas (ALIPH) and the Iraqi Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities have announced urgent stabilization measures to protect...


WCLA starts restoration work of monuments at Lahore Fort

The Walled City of Lahore Authority (WCLA) is restoring and conserving Dewan-e-Aam, Doulat Khana and Kharak Singh Haveli at Lahore Fort after allocation of Rs60 million for these monuments by the...


UNESCO, GIZ preserve unique mosaic heritage in Rihab

In the hills of Rihab, a village a few kilometres away from Mafraq, the remains of several ancient churches can be found, each with a rich history. At the Church Complex of St John the Baptist and...


Caligula’s Gardens, Long Hidden Beneath Italian Apartment Building, to Go on View

By the time of his assassination in 41 A.D., the Roman emperor Caligula was infamous for his violent streak and extravagant amusements, including a huge compound featuring a bathhouse adorned with...


Riga plans to turn its historical cemetery into a tourist site

At the first instance, we tend to think of cemeteries as a morbid or private place, a world away from the daily concerns of the living but in reality, many of these have become part of the traditional...


How Omoregie Osakporlor is using photography to preserve culture and recreate stories of the average Nigerian

“What motivated me into photography was, as a teenager, I always believed that I was going to change the world. I’ve always loved social activism because I was introduced to some of the writings of...

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Tremendously exciting' 5th century Roman mosaic found in Britain

Archaeologists have uncovered Britain's first 5th century Roman mosaic -- a find of "enormous" historical significance which could change the way historians view the period it dates back to.

Islamic Republic of Iran

Historical relics discovered in northeastern Iran being documented

More than 1000 pieces of historical pottery, which were kept in “inappropriate conditions” for the past few years, are being organized, studied, and documented, local tourism official Ali Mohammadi...


Tower of human skulls reveals grisly scale to archaeologists in Mexico City

Archaeologists have unearthed new sections of an Aztec tower of human skulls dating back to the 1400s beneath the center of Mexico City.


Tunisia: app launched for virtual tour of heritage sites

he startup Digital cultural eXperience has launched, though a new digital application, the possibility of carrying out a virtual tour of seven locations listed as world heritage sites by UNESCO in...

Republic of Korea

Cultural heritage lives outside museums: CHA head

Cultural heritage is not merely something to be preserved, but is also a “source of creativity and social values,” said Chung Jae-suk, head of the Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA) in a recent...


€80,000 for more innovation in the promotion of cultural heritage in localities in the south of Malta

Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi presided over the signing of a project, which will be carried out by the Żurrieq Local Council with the help of European funds, for...

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Sir Anish Kapoor prints offered to museum fund donors

Signed prints by Sir Anish Kapoor and others are being offered as rewards to people who donate to a fund to help coronavirus-hit museums.


Archeologists uncover sensational finds in medieval settlement

About 200 metal objects, including a gilded spur, women’s ornaments and an ornament with the image of a face have been discovered by archaeologists.


British Museum to help dig for Nigerian treasures

The British Museum has announced plans to help "investigate the history of the Kingdom of Benin", with a grand archaeology mission and new museum.


Archaeologists Discover Viking Age Ship Burial in Norway

Using ground-penetrating radar, a team of archaeologists made the discovery in southeastern Norway. Once excavated, the findings could offer insight into Viking settlements.

New Zealand

Historic Chinese market garden settlement to be restored

The site of the largest Chinese community in the South Island a century ago will be restored after receiving funding and a historic places listing. The Ng King Brothers Chinese Market Garden in...


Ethiopia’s Enduring Cultural Heritage

Ethiopia’s dramatic topography has, in some measure, influenced one of Africa’s distinctive longstanding cultural traditions. It is dominated by a volcanically formed mountainous plateau known as the...