International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property
ICCROM’s publications from 1961-2003…

ICCROM’s publications from 1961-2003 now online

ICCROM’s publications from 1961-2003

A wealth of conservation knowledge and expertise is contained in ICCROM’s many past publications, produced from 1961 to 2003. Previously, these resources were largely inaccessible to researchers and conservation practitioners because the books have been difficult to obtain and consult.

This has now changed! ICCROM, in collaboration with its many partner organizations, has finalized a scanning project to make these publications available online and thereby inform new generations of conservation professionals. The project in large part provides a history of the development of conservation thinking and trends in the profession, as seen through the prism of ICCROM.

You can find these digital versions on the ICCROM website, for free download and use by the conservation community under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No-Derivatives 3.0 license (BY-NC-ND).  They may be viewed at the tab “Resources – Publications

All ICCROM Newsletters dating back from 1973 have similarly been digitized and uploaded.

We thank all our community for their support of this scanning project*, which has given new life to past knowledge collaborations, furthering ICCROM’s educational and training mandates while sowing seeds to stimulate new conservation research.


*These publications have involved the participation of institutions and huge numbers of conservation professionals worldwide, 1300 at a rough estimate.  For this reason, ICCROM embarked on an approval process using a communications strategy involving silence procedure, whereby institutions and collaborators were informed and asked if they wished to pool their shared copyright for this initiative.  We are grateful to the many past collaborators who wrote to ICCROM warmly to approve the project and contribute their shared copyright for individual works.

ICCROM has shared relevant publications arising from our past collaborations with colleagues at ICCM, ICOMOS, UNESCO and other organizations for sharing on their institutional websites, as well as with the many personal authors and collaborators who have communicated with us to approve the project.