ICCROM invites competitive bids from eligible bidders for providing cleaning services inside ICCROM headquarters in Rome.

1. Overview of the service

The requested service has as its object the following ordinary cleaning services within ICCROM headquarters in Rome (Via di San Michele, 13):
Daily Operations:

  • damp dusting the tables in the reading room and library;
  • mopping the library's terracotta and linoleum floor;
  • damp dusting the accessible furnishings of the mezzanine and the library’s basement reception; 
  • cleaning the terracotta and linoleum flooring in the library 3 times a week;
  • cleaning offices and common areas (rooms 1st - 2nd - 3rd –4th  floor, lower wing ground floor and lower wing 1st floor);
  • cleaning the doors of the library rooms;
  • washing, disinfection of toilets and related sanitary appliances (also in the laboratory on the ground floor);
  • garbage of the entrance hall and stairs;
  • cleaning the entrance;
  • cleaning the lift cabin;
  • cleaning the courtyard entrance (basement);
  • emptying paper baskets and replacement of bags;
  • mopping with detergent;
  • damp dusting furniture, computers, objects, shelves, table lamps, etc.;
  • disinfecting telephone equipment;
  • transporting waste to the collection point (excluding special waste, such as toners).

Weekly operations:

  • cleaning ICCROM ‘s area of the courtyard;
  • cleaning archives in the lower wing, 1st floor;
  • book deposit cleaning on the ground floor.

Operations carried out twice a week in the laboratory on the ground floor:

  • emptying paper baskets and replacement of bags as needed;
  • damp dusting work benches (if free from equipment, etc.);
  • washing the floor with neutral detergents;
  • transport waste to the collection point (excluding special waste, such as toners).

Fortnightly operations:

  • washing the glass of the library’s partition walls;
  • removing garbage from the archives, the attic and the terrace;
  • dusting the upper part of the furniture and various furnishings;
  • cleaning of brass plates.

Semi-annual transactions:

  • washing internal and external windows.

2. Service Personnel and products

The participating company must ensure that the personnel hired:

  • will be required to comply with the usual rules of conduct;
  • will be held in strict confidence;
  • must perform the service at the set times (before 8:30 am from Monday to Friday);
  • use the assigned prevention and protection devices;
  • comply with the administrative and operational requirements relating to COVID-19.

The products used must meet criteria of maximum effectiveness and lowest environmental impact. Furthermore, in light of the pandemic, the products used must be adequately compliant with the sanitization of surfaces.
Furthermore, compliance with the most up-to-date concepts of cleaning, sanitation and work organization is expected from the winning company of the tender, bearing in mind the needs of the headquarters of an intergovernmental organization, including:

  • High quality of service (image); - Avoid interference with the activities of members of the Organization and ensure continuity of services (organization);
  • Use of innovative methodologies and cutting-edge work systems (time and cost containment);
  • Contagion risk prevention (high disinfection standards).

3. Period of the Contract

The service object of the contract must be provided starting from 01/01/2023. The contract will have a duration of 1 + 4 years. In the event that ICCROM does not find any problems in the quality and methods of service offered at the end of the first year, the contract will be amended for an additional 4 years.

4. Additional Requirements

The Organization wishes to mention that details of the nomination and selection process are illustrated in the full announcement (in the sidebar).
ICCROM requests that proposals, prepared in accordance with the full announcement, be submitted no later than 5pm CEST, 28 October 2022. Proposals can be submitted in either electronic (pdf) or paper format (in a sealed envelope).
The outcome of the tender will be communicated within 7 working days of the deadline.

5. Address and Contact Information

Paper Format – Hard Copy

Hard copy proposals should be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly marked by, "Cleaning service proposal – ICCROM," and should be addressed to:

Administration Unit – Logistics Office
Attn. Mr. Giuseppe Cioffi
Head of Logistics
Via di San Michele, 13
00153 – Rome, Italy

Electronic Format - Email

Electronic proposals should be submitted through email with the subject "Cleaning service proposal – ICCROM" and should be addressed to: tendercmt3@iccrom.org

The Organization regrets that it is not possible to provide information by telephone regarding the selection and appointment procedure. Requests for clarification regarding any of the points above should be directed in writing only via e-mail to Mr Maurizio Moriconi.

Mr. Maurizio Moriconi
Administration Manager
Via di San Michele, 13
00153 Rome, Italy