ICCROM invites competitive bids from eligible bidders to identify a single entity with consolidated experience and adequate technical-economic capacity capable of providing services for booking and issuing travel tickets (air, rail, sea), hotel services, planning services and travel organization and ancillary assistance.

1. Overview of the service

As anticipated in the introduction, the subject of this procedure is the assignment of a Travel Agency Service for both its staff and authorized external subjects, whose costs are in any case at ICCROM's charge. In particular, the Service object of the contract must consist of carrying out the following activities, subject to verification of the best travel solutions:

  • booking and issuing air travel tickets (national, international, intercontinental);
  • booking and issuing railway and/or sea tickets;
  • reserving hotels in Italy and abroad;
  • booking car rentals in Italy and abroad;
  • planning and organizing travel;
  • carrying out all related necessary paperwork (changes, cancellations, refunds, issuing of visas, and passports);
  • problem solving for unexpected problems (strikes, delays, flight cancellations, unregistered hotel reservations, etc.);
  • communicating the information relating to the organization of travel;
  • collaborating in making travel arrangements for delegations representing ICCROM abroad and reciprocal exchanges; and
  • providing monthly reporting.

2. Duration of contract

The service object of the contract must be provided starting from 1 January 2023. The contract will have a duration of 1 + 4 years. In the event that ICCROM does not find any problems in the quality and methods of service offered at the end of the first year, the contract will be amended for an additional 4 years.

3. Estimation of value contract

Given that ICCROM does not undertake any minimum turnover commitment, the presumed annual value of this contract has been estimated in the total amount of € 80,000.00 (eighty thousand / 00 euros), corresponding to the total amount of travel documents, vouchers hotels and ancillary services reimbursed by ICCROM, including fees and agency fees.
This amount was determined on the basis of an estimate of the previous activity of the Contracting Authority, and in any case has the function of indicating the overall maximum limit of the services, with a presumptive character, while the actual amount of the award will derive from the actual services requested in the course of the entire contractually established period, without the Contractor being able, by reason of this, to claim compensation of any kind. ICCROM is therefore not bound to guarantee the levels of expenditure indicated for the determination of the estimated amount of the contract, as the first use of the Service by ICCROM staff is conditioned by factors which impede the precise definition.
Therefore, the actual annual expenditure levels may vary with respect to the aforementioned estimation, in consideration of both real travel needs and actual budget availability. Compensation in the event that the annual expense for the services purchased does not reach the indicated amount is not foreseen. For this reason, the Contractor will have nothing to claim beyond the payment of the services provided at the agreed prices and conditions.
The prices that will result from the award of this procedure are set by the Successful Bidder, on the basis of all-inclusive calculations and evaluations of their own and absolute convenience, and therefore fixed and invariable for the entire duration of the contract.
The Service must be carried out ensuring the following methods:

  • satisfy the requests of ICCROM in the shortest possible time, taking into account the nature of the individual request and the essential technical times;
  • allocate a dedicated operator to the needs and services requested by ICCROM;
  • deliver and/or make available, also electronically, any travel or hotel document requested, whether in Italy and abroad;
  • guarantee the service from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 19:00, and indicate a telephone number to be used in case of emergency during the weekend;
  • apply, from time to time, the most advantageous rates among those on the market and/or any agreements;
  • make available to ICCROM monthly analytical reports of the services provided.

The Contractor must guarantee the best possible conditions, which ICCROM reserves the right to verify. The proposed rates must be the most convenient among those expressed by the market, under penalty of immediate termination of the contract in the face of repeated changes in costs compared to the rates traceable on the web.

4. Additional requirements

The Organization wishes to mention that knowledge of the English language is appreciated for the conduct of the activity. Details of the nomination and selection process are illustrated in the full announcement (in the sidebar).
ICCROM requests that proposals, prepared in accordance with the full announcement, be submitted no later than 5pm CEST, 7 November 2022. Proposals can be submitted in either electronic (pdf) or paper format (in a sealed envelope).
The outcome of the tender will be communicated within 5 working days of the deadline.

5. Address and contact details

Paper Format – Hard Copy

Hard copy proposals should be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly marked by, "Travel Agency Proposal – ICCROM," and should be addressed to:

Administration Unit – Logistics Office
Attn. Mr. Giuseppe Cioffi
Head of Logistics
Via di San Michele, 13
00153 – Rome, Italy

Electronic Format - Email

Electronic proposals should be submitted through email with the subject "Travel Agency Proposal – ICCROM" and should be addressed to: tendercmt4@iccrom.org

The Organization regrets that it is not possible to provide information by telephone regarding the selection and appointment procedure. Requests for clarification regarding any of the points above should be directed in writing only via e-mail to Mr Maurizio Moriconi.

Mr. Maurizio Moriconi
Administration Manager
Via di San Michele, 13
00153 Rome, Italy