Strategic Direction Milestones

Strategic Direction 1 (SD1)

Focusing on World Concerns for Cultural Heritage

Objective 1.1: Protect Cultural Heritage in Times of Crisis

  • Integrating Disaster Protection for Immovable and Movable Cultural Heritage, Ritsumeikan University, Japan
  • FAC Brabant, Netherlands
  • FAC Dublin, Ireland
  • PROMEDHEX Lucca, Italy

Objective 1.2: Support Africa’s Cultural Heritage

  • African Regional Course on Promoting People-Centred Approaches to Conservation of Nature and Culture, Victoria Falls, Zambia
  • FAC Africa, Bamako, Mali
  • RE-ORG Nigeria Evaluation Seminar

Objective 1.3: Foster Emerging Issues of Cultural Heritage and Conservation

  • Enhancing our Heritage (EOH) Toolkit, Robben Island, South Africa
  • Tracking Trends Literature Review
  • World Heritage Advisory Bodies Networking Activity, Rome and Tivoli, Italy
  • Nordic-Baltic course for World Heritage Procedures, Bergen, Norway

These activities reflect some of the milestones achieved during 2018.


PHOTO: Participants at Heritage Impact Assessment training, Kotor, Montenegro. © ICCROM

Strategic Direction 2 (SD2)

Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Global Network

Objective 2.1: Lead and Innovate Capacity Building at Local, Regional and International Levels

  • Online distance learning module at Wood Course with NTNU, Trondheim, Norway
  • Revamped Stone Course in Mexico City and Chicanná, Mexico
  • Heritage Impact Assessment training, Kotor, Montenegro
  • Site Managers Forum, Bahrain

Objective 2.2: Enhance Community Engagement in Protecting Heritage

  • Community Museums of Western Sudan
  • Kerala Heritage Rescue Initiative, India
  • Lake Ohrid Community Consultation, North Macedonia and Albania
  • First Aid to Cultural Heritage Manual and Toolkit with Prince Claus Fund

Objective 2.3: Strengthen Awareness of Cultural Heritage and Conservation

  • Arab Forum, Sharjah, UAE
  • International Conference on International Integration of Conservation, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
  • Enhancing Legal and Administrative Frameworks, Sharjah, UAE
  • Scanning project finalized
  • Mora Samples Collection project
  • Vilnius Document with JPICH

Strategic Direction 3 (SD3)

Strengthening and Transforming ICCROM for the Future

Strengthening the Foundations of ICCROM; Increasing the Impacts of ICCROM’s Service Delivery and Visibility to Member States and Heritage Communities; Modernizing and Investing for an Effective and Efficient Organization

  • Al-Nouri Mosque reconstruction project, Mosul, Iraq
  • Joint mission with UNESCO to National Museum, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • IPSAS compliance
  • Partnership with InterPARES research project for authentic digital records