The International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM) is an intergovernmental organization working in service to its Member States to promote the conservation of all forms of cultural heritage, in every region of the world. ICCROM utilizes social media channels for institutional and general interest purposes, to inform Users about its activities and to promote participation, discussion and dialogue.

This policy defines modalities and guidelines (“netiquette”) for utilizing social media.


ICCROM’s social channels are used to inform Users about institutional activities; however, these digital platforms are not to be considered as channels for customer service. For individual requests or queries, Users are invited to contact ICCROM through traditional means such as e-mail.

On the social channels ICCROM uses, its own textual, photographic, video and other multimedia content may be produced and published.

User comments to our posts and replies to our threads shall represent the individual’s and not ICCROM’s opinion. ICCROM is not responsible for contents published by third parties on such channels.

On its social media channels, ICCROM may share and pass along contents and messages of public interest and utility created by third party institutions and agencies. Notwithstanding the verification of the accuracy and reliability of such messages, ICCROM does not undertake any responsibility for potentially wrong or outdated information.

The possible presence of advertising in proximity to published contents on social networks is not under ICCROM’s supervision but is managed independently by the social networks themselves.


ICCROM requests Users to keep discussions polite, relevant and respectful.

The opinions expressed must always follow the rules of politeness and respect for others. On these platforms, the normal rules of fairness, respect for the opinions of others and privacy shall apply. Comments and posts violating the terms stated in this policy will be promptly removed.

Public interest of the topics is an essential requirement: It is forbidden to use such spaces to address personal and private matters.

Insults, foul language, threats or attitudes that harm the personal dignity of others, the authority of institutions, the rights of minorities and minors or the principles of freedom and equality will not be tolerated.

Comments not pertaining to a specific published topic (that are “off topic”) are discouraged and will go through a moderation process. The same applies to political remarks, comments about political campaigns or voting preferences, as well as comments and posts containing advertisements.

ICCROM is politically neutral and does not endorse international or national politics. It will not engage in discourse that could imply preference of one Member State over another, or compromise this neutrality.

No form of advertising, spam, lobbying of private interests or illegal activities will be tolerated. Contents which infringe on intellectual property rights shall not be allowed, nor shall the unauthorized use of registered trademarks.

ICCROM reserves the right to remove content that violates the terms of this social media policy, including banning or blocking Users to prevent their further intervention, and reporting Users to platform managers or even to pertinent law enforcement.


It should be noted that Users’ personal data processing complies with the respective policies in use on the following platforms:

  1. Twitter
  2. Google
  3. YouTube
  4. Facebook
  5. Instagram
  6. LinkedIn

Please note that sensitive information posted in comments or public posts on social channels will be removed. Any other data shared by Users shall be processed complying with ICCROM’s Privacy Policy.