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Mounir Bouchenaki has been appointed honorary president of the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation

A Florentine cultural institution welcomes in its organization a world-renowned archaeologist, formerly a high-ranking director at UNESCO and ICCROM. The Algerian Mounir Bouchenaki, currently Special Advisor to the Director-General of UNESCO, has taken on the role of Honorary President of the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation, thus consolidating the long-lasting relationship with the Florentine foundation and the city of Florence. It is a matter of fact that Bouchenaki, with his long-life commitment for the defence of heritage and the promotion of historical and archaeological culture his own, collaborates with the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation and with the Life Beyond Tourism-Travel to Dialogue Movement. Already as ICCROM Director General (from 2006 to 2011) he signed a collaboration agreement with the Foundation.
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UoS holds "Rethinking the Future of Islamic Arts and Heritage"

The Forum aims to provide a venue for multi-disciplinary discussions on Islamic artistic and architectural legacies in the present and future. The Forum brings together prominent speakers, consisting of academics and practitioners, to explore the role of Islamic artistic legacy in bridging times and geographies, converging cultures, and promoting inter-cultural dialogue. Participants in the Forum present various case studies from various Islamic contexts, highlighting how Islamic arts evolved to define various cultures and how these cultural legacies define the present and future.
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Kick off an International Forum entitled: "Rethinking the Future of Islamic Arts and Heritage"

The Regional Office for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage in the Arab States (ICCROM-Sharjah) And Sharjah International Foundation for the History of Muslim and Arab Sciences at the University of Sharjah
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