Centro Internacional de Estudios de Conservación y Restauración de los Bienes Culturales

ICCROM launches Sustaining Digital Heritage Initiative

We live in a digital era: A significant portion of the world’s cultural heritage is accessed digitally. Contrary to popular belief, digital data can be vulnerable. Specific skills and knowledge are required to ensure the continued accessibility of born-digital and digitized heritage. Growing volumes of content, as well as proprietary and changing technologies, has made this work more complex. Tackling this issue, ICCROM – known worldwide for its pioneering research and capacity development in the field of heritage conservation – will launch, on 18 July 2022, the Sustaining Digital Heritage (SDH) programme: a new initiative to safeguard heritage in the digital domain, created in collaboration with NISV and AVP.

On 18 July 2022 at 15:00 CET, a Launch Event for the programme will explain how SDH will build capacities and a cross-sectoral network. The event will also introduce an institutional self-scan, “the sustainability test,” and feature industry leaders, innovators and changemakers. 

La Primera Conferencia de Soft Power en Venecia

El Soft Power Club, una asociación internacional fundada por Francesco Rutelli, se reunirá en Venecia para llevar a cabo su primer evento público. El acto se inaugurará con un mensaje del Presidente de la República de Italia, Sergio Mattarella. (Comunicado de prensa en italiano)