Capacity Building Projects 

Connecting theory to practice. FAR international, regional or national projects aim to enhance capacities at all levels for disaster risk management in high risk prone regions of the world. 

FAR projects are multifaceted and can range from the testing of community-centred disaster risk management strategies, to targeted training. They combine research, training and field applications. 

Lasting from one to two years or more, FAR projects are designed to create a solid network of “Cultural First Aiders” and change agents, who can mainstream concerns for cultural heritage and at the same time train actors in the fields of disaster risk reduction, emergency management, climate change adaptation, humanitarian aid, and conflict transformation. 

Current Projects

Alliance for Cultural Heritage, Peace and Resilience 2020 – 2023

Alliance for Cultural First Aid, Peace and Resilience is a ground-breaking project, which in partnership with the ALIPH Foundation, will strengthen capacities for risk reduction, preparedness, response and recovery among communities adversely affected by armed conflicts, extreme hazard events and epidemics. The project focuses on the Middle East, North Africa, Afghanistan and Pakistan region (MENAP) affected by intersecting conflicts which has led to extreme vulnerabilities to hazard events and health crises... Read More

Culture Cannot Wait: Heritage for Peace and Resilience 2019 – 2020

The project proposes to train a mixed group of disaster risk management professionals, emergency responders, military personnel, humanitarian aid professionals, leaders of heritage communities, and cultural heritage professionals. The end goal is to facilitate coordination between actors and integrate cultural heritage into existing emergency management... Read More


ProCultHer – Protecting Cultural Heritage from the Consequences of Disasters aims at developing a common method, as well as standard operating procedures, for rescuing cultural heritage during emergencies induced by large-scale disasters... Read More