Within the Youth.Heritage.Africa programme, ICCROM is working to establish a new type of co-creative and interactive initiative called "Heritage Hubs". The aim is to link heritage to daily life and ensure that in protecting and promoting it, heritage can also become a source of livelihood for the youth of Africa. ICCROM is partnering with institutions in different countries to implement various projects and activities that include informing, training and engaging young people in order to cultivate learning and broaden horizons. We aspire to create Heritage Hubs as knowledge-based innovation centres that foster youth engagement, entrepreneurship, and business development skills through creative arts and partnership within Africa's heritage protection and promotion cycle. The Hubs agenda goes beyond promoting understanding and appreciation of African cultural heritage among youth by touching specifically on how young people can use heritage to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

This webinar will dive deeper into the specificity of some of the Hubs and how they help leverage local knowledge and expertise to connect young people to real opportunities and ensure the sustainability of the activities.


Espéra Donouvossi, ICCROM


  • Robert Masozera, Director General of Rwanda Cultural Heritage Academy (RCHA), Rwanda Heritage Hub
  • Purity Kiura, Deputy Director of National Museums of Kenya, Focal Point for Kenya Heritage Hub
  • Arafat Mukasa, Swahili Heritage Pot, Implementing Partner of Kenya Heritage Hub
  • Thabo Ngomommu, Cultural Manager at South Africa National Parks, SanPARKS, partner of UCT Heritage Hub.