The Re-Org team at BPSMP Sangiran finally completed the mini-project, implementing the Re-Org method (January to April 2022). The RE-ORG method helps reorganize collection storage and regain access to collections for enhanced community involvement.

To celebrate this success, the team created a video describing the RE-ORG implementation process from the beginning of proposal preparation to implementation, as well as the emergence of various creative ideas and innovations developed during the project. The background of the video is the song "Permission to Dance" by BTS. BTS is an international icon who has played an important role as a youth ambassador in the UNICEF campaigns "Generation Unlimited" and "Love Myself". Therefore, through this video, the team hopes to approach Generation Z, which dominates Indonesia's demographics, to convey the message of preserving cultural heritage.

Furthermore, the song "Permission to Dance" can also describe the spirit that never goes out, which is our shared hope to ignite the same spirit in preserving cultural heritage. Sangiran, National Cultural Preservation, and World Cultural Heritage Area, is proud to contribute to the international event organized by ICCROM.