Japan Embassy visit 2023On 24 May 2023, ICCROM Director-General Webber Ndoro had the honour of meeting a delegation from the Embassy of Japan to the Italian Republic here at ICCROM headquarters in Rome. The delegation consisted of Minister Tsukasa Hirota, Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of Japan in Italy, and Ms Chiharu Umezawa from the Cultural Section. 

Also present on behalf of ICCROM were Valerie Magar, Manager of the Programmes Unit, and Hirofumi Ikawa, Project Manager (Japanese secondment). 

We discussed the possibility of developing activities related to modern heritage conservation, which could include a joint training initiative aimed at promoting sustainable practices. We look forward to combining our efforts and together making a positive impact on the conservation of modern heritage and the promotion of sustainable practices, ensuring their longevity for future generations. 

Over the years, the collaboration between ICCROM and Japanese institutions has flourished, with joint efforts in organizing successful ICCROM courses and activities. Our secondment programme has proven to be a success in terms of exchanging skills and knowledge, and we want to continue this collaboration to deepen our knowledge of each other's cultures and practices in conservation.