The second track of the ICCROM Heritage Recovery Programme in Mosul: Building Crafts Revival and Upgrade has just concluded. This track was dedicated to the development of craftspeople's skills in restoring the magnificent alabaster, a prominent material found in the historic buildings of Old Mosul. The 66-day alabaster workshop focused on building techniques, carving, and sculpting. Supported by local and international experts, trainees explored restoration using epoxy and various types of mortar. But that's not all! They will also delve into the world of Arabic calligraphy, infusing their creations with the elegance of the written word.   

By focusing on the revival and upgrading of traditional craft techniques, we aimed to empower artisans and contribute to the revitalization of Mosul's cultural heritage.  

"By adding 20 skilled artisans to the workforce, the vulnerable traditional alabaster work will greatly benefit from this new blood, which will contribute to allowing it to become more resilient… I was very surprised by the dedication and hard work of these young women and men and the speed at which they are improving." 

– Mahmoud Ibrahim Hussein, alabaster workshop leader