Roundtable on Post-Conflict Reconstruction of Historic Cities In conjunction with the exhibition "History begins in Mesopotamia" on view until 23 January 2017, and in response to current events in the Middle East, the Louvre-Lens Museum and ICCROM, through its ICCROM-ATHAR Regional Conservation Centre in the UAE, are organising a two-day round-table dedicated to the post-conflict reconstruction of historic cities.

This event, which will take place on Friday 20 and Saturday 21 January 2017 in Lens, aims to bring together international specialists who will address existing cases and develop on the reflections from previous symposia with regards to historic cities affected by war and the process of reconstruction that takes place once the conflict is over.

Roundtable on Post-Conflict Reconstruction of Historic Cities The first day will be organised around four roundtables: Reflections on Post-conflict Reconstruction; Implementation of International Organisations; Regional Case Studies (France, Poland, Germany, Bosnia); Case Studies from the Middle East (Beirut and Aleppo). This first day will conclude with a summary of that day’s accomplishments. The second day will focus on the role of development agencies in the reconstruction process.

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