1. My country is not listed as a Member State of ICCROM. Can I apply for an internship? Internships are open only to candidates from ICCROM Member States.
  2. I noticed from the ICCROM Past intern’s webpage that there have been many interns from my country. Would this prevent me from applying? No. All suitably qualified candidates are taken into consideration.
  3. I am enrolled in my final year of University and am required to take an internship before completing my studies. Am I eligible to apply for an internship at ICCROM? Internships at ICCROM are only open to candidates who have already obtained a first degree or higher.
  4. I am in the process of completing my Masters, would I receive credit from ICCROM, if I were accepted as an intern?ICCROM is not a University and is not a position to grant credits toward a degree.  Interns who must complete an internship for their degree programme, may submit a formal request which may become a Memorandum of Understanding/agreement between the sending University and ICCROM.
  5. At the end of my internship, do I receive a diploma? Every intern who successfully completes an internship at ICCROM receives a certificate of attendance and upon request a reference letter.
  6. I have just completed my degree but have no working experience. Is the latter a prerequisite for applying to an internship at ICCROM? No. It is an asset but not a prerequisite.
  7. To help defray costs associated with my internship, I would like to work part-time while carrying-out my internship. Is this possible? Unless otherwise agreed upon, internships are full-time from Monday to Friday at HQ in Rome, Italy and from Sunday to Thursday in the ICCROM-Sharjah Regional Office in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.)
  8. I would like to travel during the internship? Can I take some holidays during the internship? Where approved beforehand with the supervisor, short absences may be granted.


  1. May I submit my letter of intent or application form in the language I prefer? The official working languages at ICCROM are English and French, and all submissions must be written in one of these languages.

Selecting a Theme

  1. I have noted on ICCROM’s web site that I should send a letter of intent expressing an interest in being involved in a particular area. How do I choose the area I feel would be most beneficial? Internship opportunities are listed in the announcement posted on the website and you should choose the area that is most in line with your educational and professional background.
  1. I am interested in being associated with one of ICCROM's regional programmes such as the one carried out in the ‘ICCROM-Sharjah Regional Office’’,Conserving Collections in South-East Asia-CollAsia’’, Latin America and the Caribbean-LAC’’, ‘’Youth.Africa.Heritage’’ and do not feel confident in the language spoken in these regions. Can I still apply? You are free to submit your letter of intent for a regional programme and while knowing the language of the programme you have chosen is an asset, it is not compulsory.
  1. I would like to apply for more than one programme. Is this possible? While there is no rule that prevents you from applying to more than one programme, it is better to make a strong case for one particular programme than to apply for several. Should you chose to diversify, the procedure calls for one letter of intent only and you will need to motivate your objectives and explain why you feel you are qualified for two or more programmes, in the same page.
  2. I would like to gain practical conservation experience on-site. Is this possible with an internship? ICCROM does not have any current internships of this nature.
  3. I cannot find enough information on the programmeI would like to be associated with. Is it possible to receive more detailed information? ICCROM has a two-year (biennial) programme of activities; the terms of reference of each internship and the related page on the website are listed to facilitate the choice. More information can be provided to the pre-selected candidates.
  4. Why can I not find information about the programmes for next year? Information about ICCROM’s biennial programmes is published only after the programme has been approved by the General Assembly of ICCROM, usually in alternate years in November. Thus if we are in the second year of a biennium, information for the following year is not available until that happens 
  5. Can I contact directly the staff of the Unit responsible for the programme I have selected? Requests for information should be directed only to the internship coordinator.

Letter of intent

  1. May I send my one-page letter of intent and one-page CV by e-mail? Yes.
  2. I have sent an internship letter of intent and my one page CV. When will I be notified if my letter of intent has been favourably reviewed? It will normally take about three months from the deadline to inform you of the results, however, the timeframe of when the selection will be finalized, depends entirely on the number of requests received.
  3. May I receive the results of my internship request by phone? No. All candidates will be informed in writing by e-mail as soon as the review is concluded.
  4. What sort of tasks will be assigned to me if I am accepted for an internship? Tasks vary depending on the orientation and needs of the programme selected. The staff member responsible for the programme will determine the tasks in consultation with the candidate.
  5. I would like to contact former interns to gain more insight into their experience at ICCROM. Can you send me their addresses? This information is confidential.


  1. I have been awarded a one-year scholarship to carry out post-graduate studies abroad. Can ICCROM accept my internship application? The duration of internships is generally of three months.


  1. I am only available to carry out an internship during the summer? Can I still apply? Yes. Candidates are free to choose the timing of their internship. ICCROM will try to accommodate this preference, but will also have to take into account the needs of the staff working on the programme selected before confirming the chosen period.
  2. When can I expect to start my internship? The letter of acceptance will state the timing of your internship and unless otherwise stated, it generally corresponds to the period chosen initially.

Application deadlines

  1. How many deadlines are there in a year? At the moment there is a single annual deadline for internships to be taken up in the following year.
  2. I just noticed that ICCROM offers internships and I need to fulfil an academic requirement. Can I still apply after the deadline? You are free to submit your letter of intent after the deadline; however, unless it’s a proven academic requirement, it will not be processed until the following call for internships.


  1. I would like to carry out an internship at ICCROM but cannot afford it. May I apply for financial support? Successful applicants will receive a non-renewable stipend not exceeding 3 months. This sum is subject to periodic review and is currently set at Euro 500 per month, payable by bank transfer at the beginning of the internship and every month thereafter. Different conditions may apply for internships held in the ICCROM-Sharjah Regional Office in U.A.E.
  1. I will not require any funding, as I am recipient of a scholarship. Can I be accepted for an internship? The standard procedure must be followed, however, holding a scholarship does not guarantee acceptance as an intern.


  1. I would like to apply for an internship but I am not certain that I will be able to cover my travel expenses. Can ICCROM pay these? ICCROM does not meet the travel costs of an internship, however, exceptional cases may be considered for accepted applicants from less developed countries.

Visa requirements

  1. Do I need a visa to come to ICCROM? Please check with the nearest Italian Embassy whether you require an entry visa. If you have easy access to the internet, you may also wish to consult the web site of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If you have been accepted for an internship in the ICCROM-Sharjah Regional Office, the colleagues on site will assist you in dealing with the necessary visa procedures.
  2. What type of visa would I require? If you are coming to Rome, Italy, you should apply for a study visa.
  3. I have enquired with the Italian Embassy in my country and I need a visa. Will the costs associated with my visa request, be covered by ICCROM? ICCROM HQ cannot assume responsibility for the costs associated with your visa request.


  1. I would like to take out travel insurance for the duration of my internship. Will these costs be reimbursed by ICCROM? No. ICCROM will provide you with accident insurance within the office premises but no other types of insurance.
  1. Will I need medical insurance? Yes. Medical insurance is the responsibility of the intern. If you are a member of the European Union, check with your own national health system, as your insurance should be valid during your stay in Rome, Italy where ICCROM HQ are located. The European Union also has bilateral agreements with countries outside of its territory (e.g. Switzerland); additionally other conditions of reciprocity between your country and Italy may also exist (e.g. Australia).


  1. Where can I live if I am accepted for an internship? ICCROM has no residential accommodation. The internship coordinator will assist you as much as possible in finding reasonably priced accommodation, but is unable to make reservations in advance on behalf of an intern.
  2. How can I minimize housing costs? Normally, interns rent rooms with Italian families or with other students. In Rome, Italy, the monthly cost can vary depending on the area of town, on whether or not utilities are included and on the time of year. In 2019, from September to November, former interns rented rooms at Euro 450 per month while starting in February, the rent went up to Euro 500 per month; in both cases utilities were included in the rent. The set up in the ICCROM-Sharjah Regional Office, U.A.E. differs from HQ and colleagues on site will assists with your housing needs.

Other requirements

  1. Are there any requirements before the end of the internship? Before the end of the internship, interns are expected to submit a short report on their experience and give a presentation to staff on the work accomplished.

If you have not found the answer to your questions, send an e-mail to internships (at) iccrom. org, or a fax to: + 39 06 58 55 33 49 and you will receive a reply as soon as possible.