ICCROM has been working to strengthen the field’s identity and vision, and to promote best practices for developing and sharing scientific knowledge within heritage research based on interdisciplinary collaboration and open science principles. We do this by participating in strategic projects and broad, community-based initiatives to support the development of heritage science and better link cultural heritage research to needs:

  • Joint Programming Initiative for Cultural Heritage (JPI-CH
  • European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science (E-RIHS
  • Integrated Platform for the European Research Infrastructure (IPERION HS

Engaging in external and EU-funded research projects, such as the APACHE project, which addresses the preventive conservation needs of small- to medium-size institutions through the provision of affordable, easy to use integrated monitoring and decision support systems. In addition, the APACHE project focuses on the development and application of new smart passive buffering materials and sensors for use in display, storage and transport containers.