Salah Amokrane (1 September - 31 December 2003)
Area of research: management of archaeological resources on the Im Broum plateau, an area that lies within the Ahaggar National Park, Algeria.
Affiliation: Ahaggar National Park, Algeria


Ziva Domingos (5 - 31 July; September - October 2010)
Area of research:preparation of thesis entitled « L'Institution muséale et les questions actuelles de conservation et valorisation de biens culturels : Cas des musées d'Angola et de São Tomé ».
Affiliation : Instituto Nacional do Património Cultural, Angola.


James Wheeler (30 October to 26 November 2019)
Area of research: cultural values mapping approaches developed in Indigenous cultural heritage to new areas of heritage practice.
Affiliation: Extent Heritage Pty Ltd

Veronica Bullock (23 March - 11 June 2010)
Area of research: integrated collection management, investigate the feasibility of developing a teaching approach that integrates two core cultural heritage professional practices: curatorial assessment (significance) and conservation assessment (risk).
Affiliation: Development Officer, Collections Council of Australia.

William Logan (1 April - 30 June 2003)
Area of research: global cultural heritage organizations; examining the relationships between universal standards of conservation and cultural diversity and local needs in international organizations.
Affiliation: Director, Cultural Heritage Centre for Asia and the Pacific, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia.


Peter Erhart (November 2016)
Area of research: preventive conservation and access to parchment collections prior to AD 1000
Affiliation: Archives of the Abbey of Saint Gall (Stiftsarchiv de Saint Gall)


Muriel Verbeeck (1 March to 28 April 2017)
Area of research: history of restoration theories.
Affiliation: Ecole Supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc de Liège, Département de conservation-restauration

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Amra Hadzimuhamedović, (9 June - 5 September 2008)
Area of research: reconstruction of architectural heritage and post-war recovery.
Affiliation: Commission to Protect National Monuments, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Virginia Costa (3 April - 30 June 2009)
Area of research: identification of metallic artefacts using an electrochemical technique: comparative evaluation of accessible analytical techniques.

Fernando Diniz Moreira (7 January - 29 February 2008)
Area of research: assess values and significance in the conservation of modern architecture and coordinate the new Modern Built Heritage Programme at CECI.
Affiliation: CECI - Centro de Estudos Avançados da Conservação Integrada, Brazil

Fatima Furtado (3 June - 29 November 2013)
Area of research: Climate change, cultural heritage and resilience.
Affiliation: CECI - Centro de Estudos Avançados da Conservação Integrada, Brésil.

Franciza Lima Toledo (1 September - 30 November 2006)
Area of research: preventive conservation of collections in the context of historic buildings.


Emilia Petrova Ivanova (15 September - 15 December 2002)
Area of research: samples of painted fragment of rendering from the Pisitros excavations in southern Bulgaria, an international joint Bulgarian, Czech, French and British research project.
Affiliation: Archaeological Museum, Septemvri, Bulgaria


Claudine Deom (2 September - 29 November 2013)
Area of research: Evolution of education in conservation
Affiliation: Université de Montréal

Robert Waller (6 March - 31 August 2006)
Area of research: management and risk assessment of cultural heritage.
Affiliation: Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa, Canada


Cao Lijuan (8 September - 30 November 2005)
Area of research: conservation of historic gardens and cultural landscapes in Italy.
Affiliation: Beijing Forestry University

Guo Xuan (11 April - 11 June 2006)
Area of research: China, A Regional Interpretation of International Principles.
Affiliation: Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning of the University of Chongqing


Juliana Forero Bordamal (26 May - 15 July 2015)
Area of research:  Capacity Building Programme for the application of the 2011 UNESCO Recommendation on the Historic Urban Landscape (HUL) lead by WHITRAP.
Affiliation: laboratory of Sustainable Development of the School of Urban Planning (HUST), China

Paula Matiz (2 September - 31 December 2013)
Area of research: integrating risk assessment for cultural heritage sites as a holistic support tool on decision making for conservation.
Affiliation: Museodata Foundation


Sandra Uskokovic (1 October 2004 - 31 March 2005)
Area of research: conservation of built heritage.


Ioanna Kakoulli (19 January - 22 March 2011)
Area of research: "Ancient Painting between East and West: Materials, Techniques and Technology Transfer".
Affiliation: UCLA/Getty Conservation Program (Cotsen Institute of Archaeology), United States.


Safaa Abd El Salam (18 April - 17 May 2013)
Area of research: Characterization ancient mortars and plasters.

Hossam Mahdy (4 June 2007 - 31 August 2007)
Area of research: compilation of an Arabic glossary for terms of conservation of cultural heritage (with equivalents in English and French).


David Gandreau (15 September - 31 December 2003)
Area of research: conservation of mud brick structures with special reference to archaeological sites in the Near and Middle East.


George Shaishmelashvili (4 - 30 November 2002)
Area of research: identification of potential projects in Georgia and other Caucasus countries in the field of immovable and movable heritage.
Affiliation: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tbilisi, Georgia

Leila Tumanishvili (10 September - 3 December 2010)
Area of research: private stakeholders in urban heritage protection and management.
Affiliation: National Agency for the Cultural Heritage Preservation, Georgia


Gerhard Eggert (3 March - 30 May 2014)
Area of research: “Lead and Tin in Art: Corrosion, Colorants, Conservation”, as part as a co-authoring book project.
Affiliation:  State Academy of Art and Design, Stuttgart, Germany

Hannelore Römich (1 March - 30 June 2004)
Area of research: to examine the journey of objects from initial excavation to final storage, and to look at how the various stages and treaments affect them.
Affiliation: Conservation Scientist, Fraunhofer-Institut für Silicatforschung, Würzburg, Germany

Anjo Weichbrodt (3 February - 27 June 2014)
Area of research: the extent to which the measurements made using contact sponges or Karsten tubes are affected by environmental conditions.


Angeliki Ioakimopoulou (14 February - 14 March 2008)
Area of research: protective structures for the conservation of archaeological sites in Greece.
Affiliation: Prefecture of the Cyclades, Urban Office of Naxos, Greece


Nalini Thakur (15 June - 15 September 2010)
Area of research: integrated and holistic approaches to living heritage protection and management
Affiliation:School of Planning and Architecture, Dehli, India

Shivashish Bose (4 May - 30 June 2009)
Area of research: conservation as an element of urban design and a tool for sustainable development.
Affiliation: Department of Architecture, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India

Rohit Jigyasu (1 October - 31 December 2002)
Area of research: the use of traditional skills for improving post-earthquake reconstruction and disaster preparedness.


Zvi Greenhut (2 May - 11 June 2012)
Area of research: structures and methodologies of conservation laboratories in Rome, and in particular, the integration of conservation and analytical facilities.
Affiliation: Head, Artefacts Treatment and the Conservation Department of the Rockefeller Archaeological Museum, Jerusalem, Israel.


Guia Rossignoli (1 March - 31 May 2004)
Area of research: analysis, preservation and storage recommendations for Egyptian New Kingdom (16th-11th centuries BC) artefacts made of vegetable fibres stored in the Archaeological Museum, Florence, Italy.
Affiliation: Textile Museum, Prato, Italy

Calogero Bellanca (10 January - 30 March 2005; 9 September - 31 October 2005)
Area of research: historical use of terminology in architectural conservation theory and practice, covering terminology from the 16th century to the present day with reference to several languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Russian).
Affiliation: Faculty of Architecture 'Valle Giulia', University of Rome 'La Sapienza', Italy

Carmine Romano (3 February -  30 April 2014)
Area of research: Neapolitan Crèche.

Flaminia Bartolini (24 July to 1 September 2017)
Area of research: Rome’s divided memory: Nazi-Fascist heritage and post-war memory construction in Italy.
Affiliation: University of Cambridge, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research,
Division of Archaeology


Takeyuki Okubo (1 April to 28 August 2015)
Area of research: Estimation of potential for disaster mitigation resources in historic waters and open spaces in Rome.
Affiliation: Institute of Disaster Mitigation for Urban Cultural Heritage (R-DMUCH), Japan


Vaidas Petrulis (1 June to 31 July 2017)
Area of research: Italian influences on architecture of modernism in Kaunas, Lithuania.
Affiliation: Kaunas University of Technology, Institute of Architecture and Construction
(OR: Institute of Architecture and Construction of Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania)


Belinda Ramnauth (16 November - 14 December 2009)
Area of research: preservation of ancient manuscripts and rare book collections of the Carnegie Library.
Affiliation: Carnegie Library of Mauritius


Eir Grytli (2 March - 30 April 2009)
Area of research: building conservation training and sustainable development.
Affiliation: Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)


Alberto Martorell Carreño (8 January - 28 February 2007)
Area of research: advancing the understanding of the category of 'heritage channels' or 'heritage routes' (such as, the 'spice route', the 'pilgrimage routes of Santiago de Compostela', and the 'mountain railways of India').


Ana Labrador (4 June - 31 August 2007)
Area of research: collecting data on traditional methods of preservation of objects from selected Southeast Asian countries and exploring how these methods can be better integrated in conservation training.
Affiliation: Associate Professor, Department of Art Studies, University of the Philippines Diliman; and Curator, Jorge B. Vargas Museum and Filipiniana Research Center


Zbigniew Kobylinski (1 March - 31 May 2004)
Area of research: examination of theoretical principles and practices of archaeological heritage management in various countries in order to develop a programme of preventive conservation of archaeological heritage that becomes internationally accepted and applicable to diverse social, cultural and environmental contexts.
Affiliation: Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University, Warsaw, Poland

Monika Ostaszewska Boccardi (2 November 2010 - 31 January 2011)
Area of research: the “Efficiency of management systems in dealing with social issues in historic towns: examples of Siena (Italy) and Torun (Poland)”.

Boguslaw Szmygin (1 March - 31 May 2003)
Area of research: strategy development to improve the preservation of small historic towns with limited resources. Investigation of conservation policies and strategies adopted by similar-sized Italian towns to preserve their heritage.
Affiliation: Technical University of Lublin, Poland


Blaž Šeme (2 - 31 May 2007)
Area of research: decay of exterior wall paintings on monuments - comparative study of mediaeval painted churches of Bucovina (Moldavia, Romania) and Slovenia.


Lucia Lopez-Polin D'Olhaberriague (21 January to 21 February 2019)
Area of research: field conservation techniques for prehistoric artifacts.
Affiliation: Institut Català de Paleocologia Humana i Evolució Social (IPHES)

Carolina Priego Rendo (1 February - 30 April 2012)
Area of research: techniques and materials of polychromy in Tibetan art works.
Affiliation: Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.

Monica Lopez Prat (15 September - 28 October 2011)
Area of research: conservation and restoration of ancient mud plaster sculptures in Uzbekistan.
Affiliation: Centro de Estudios del Patrimonio Arqueológico de la Prehistoria (CEPAP), Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain.

Trinidad Pasies Oviedo (26 April - 25 May 2006)
Area of research: treatments of conservation and restoration in situ of Roman mosaic pavements.
Affiliation: Head of the Restoration Laboratory, Prehistoric Museum of Valencia, Spain.

Sri Lanka

Jagath Weerasinghe (3 March - 30 April 2008)
Area of research: re-examination of the concept of authenticity in relation to living heritage of South Asia.
Affiliation: Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology (PGIAR), University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka


Jenny Hällström (1 February - 30 March 2012)
Area of research: Non-Invasive Methods in Built Cultural Heritage: contemporary and future trends in research and application

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Victoria Momeva-Altiparmakovska (15 April - 15 June 2007)
Area of research:management approaches for rural heritage within cultural landscapes.
Affiliation: Senior Ethnologist/Conservator, Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, Museum and Gallery at Bitola, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia


Tarek Brik (2 February - 31 March 2009)
Area of research: vernacular architecture; knowledge of materials and construction techniques of Tunisian heritage.
Affiliation: Institut des Beaux Arts de Tunis (ISBAT), Université de Tunis, Tunisia


Evin Erder (1 September - 30 January 2015)
Area of research: Regional Collaboration in Cultural Heritage Research
Affiliation: Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey

Hicran Topçu (8 January - 8 April 2006)
Area of research: risk management for cultural heritage in South East Anatolia - a pilot study for the cultural landscape of Hasankeyf.
Affiliation: Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey

Sibel Yildirim Esen (12 January - 30 September 2015)
Area of research: A Practical Guide to Risk Assessment of Archaeological Heritage.
Affiliation:  Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Turkey

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Jaime Kaminski (July 2016)
Area of research: understanding the economic value and benefit of archaeology and archaeological site.
Affiliation: University of Brighton

United States of America

Erin Seekamp (4 February to 28 June 2019)
Area of research: Transparent prioritization of cultural resources and adaptation optimization to inform heritage planning and decision-making in a changing climate.
Affiliation: North Carolina State University, Dept. of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management

Nancy Odegaard (1 May - 31 May 2015)
Areas of research: conservation of ceramic vessels (low fired, hand built pottery).
Affiliation: Arizona State Museum, United States of America

Ward Bucher (6 - 31 May 2013)
Area of research: Dating Buildings Resources: Establishing an International Website.

Rosa Lowinger (8 September 2008 - 8 August 2009)
Honorary Fellow
Area of research: comprehensive study of art vandalism: its causes and effects, with an emphasis on conservation of contemporary public art. While at ICCROM, Rosa Lowinger also held the Booth Family Rome Prize Fellow in Conservation/Historic Preservation at the American Academy in Rome.

Henry A. DePhillips, Jr. (19 September - 7 December 2007)
Honorary Fellow
Area of research: analysis of pigment and medium in a sixteenth century Italian cartoon: authentication and attribution study; and, composition analysis of twenty two bronze Greek statues: dating and informational study.

Elizabeth E. Peacock (31 January - 30 April 2005)
Area of research: preparation of manuscript 'Piecing together the past - preserving our archaeological textile heritage'. She prepared a manuscript on teaching conservation of archaeological textiles in a rapidly changing profession.
Affiliation: Vitenskapsmuseum, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Toby Raphael (3 May - 31 October 2005)
Area of research: development of a set of conservation standards for exhibitions produced within the U.S. National Park Service (NPS), integrating conservation into the exhibit development process and the construction of conservation-grade exhibit cases.
Affiliation: Senior Conservator, U.S. National Park Service, Harpers Ferry,WV, United States of America

Will Shank (7 March - 31 July 2005)
Honorary Fellow
Area of research: policies for the preservation of public contemporary wall paintings. While at ICCROM, Will Shank also held the Booth Family Rome Prize Fellow in Conservation/Historic Preservation at the American Academy in Rome.

Jerry Podany (1 July - 31 August 2003)
Areas of research: 1. influence of Rome on late 19th and mid 20th century restoration of ancient sculptures: restoration and conservation treatments used in order to gain a better understanding of their origins. 2. protection of museum collections against the risk of earthquakes: efforts of European museums to retrofit architectural structures to improve their seismic protection.
Affiliation: J. Paul Getty Museum, United States of America

Randolph Langenbach (15 September 2002 - 30 June 2003)
Honorary Fellow
Area of research: traditional construction techniques in seismic areas. While at ICCROM, Randolph Langenbach also held the Rome Prize Fellowship in Historic Preservation at the American Academy in Rome.


Gabriela Morales Larraya (8 August - 14 September 2011)
Area of research: identification and analysis of current academic programs in the field of heritage and museology, with a view towards developing a plan for Uruguay.
Affiliation: Instituto Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes at the Uruguayan University of the Republic, and AANI (Research and Innovation National Agency), Uruguay.