Director-General Webber Ndoro, Deputy Chairpersons Michaela Hanssen and Florencia Gear, and Chairperson John Robbins.

On 11 and 12 April, ICCROM held its annual meeting of the Council Bureau. During these two fruitful and productive days, the Bureau, Director-General and Management Team of ICCROM discussed the activities that have taken place in the first quarter of 2022 at a programmatic, administrative and planning level. Also discussed were financial reports and the development of the future programme and budget, as well as other updates of the Secretariat.

We thank Chairperson John Robbins and Deputy Chairpersons Florencia Gear and Michaela Hanssen for their participation and insights. Their time and dedication to helping shape the future and successes of ICCROM are greatly appreciated. We look forward to future meetings with our Council members in the coming months.