Paraloid B-72 is an acrylic copolymer that has proven to be an almost ideal adhesive for numerous materials, especially ceramics and glass.  This material has notable conservation qualities, including stability and reversibility, commendable working properties, excellent adhesion and a fast setting time. However, these properties can easily be compromised by improper preparation and improper application. This seminar reviews the many ways that Paraloid B-72 adhesive can be prepared, modified, or manipulated to obtain efficient application as well as consistent and excellent results on glass, ceramics, stone, wood, bone, and ivory.

In 2020, Stephen Koob retired from his position as Conservator at the Corning Museum of Glass where he had worked since 1998. Prior to this, he was a conservator, specializing in ceramics and glass, at the Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution. He has taught many workshops on Glass Conservation for IAP in the USA and Europe and continues to work as a consultant on glass conservation around the globe. He is the author of the book Conservation and Care of Glass Objects (Archetype, 2006).

You will need an internet connection with a device that supports Zoom. You do not need a microphone or camera to attend.
This seminar will not be recorded.

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