Online sessions and distance-mentoring
Start date: 1 September 2021
End date: 31 December 2021

Approximatively 6 hours per week on average (self-paced)

Follow-up projects

Start date: 1 January 2022
End date: 30 April 2022


ICCROM & NDMI-National Discovery Museum Institute (Museum Siam), Bangkok, Thailand


Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI), Canada
Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (KIK-IRPA), Belgium
Central Institute for Conservation in Belgrade(CIK), Serbia
Islamic Arts Museum of Malaysia (IAMM), Malaysia
with the support of CHA – Korean Cultural Heritage Administration

Why this course

International Course on the Reorganization of Collections Storage in Museums of Southeast Asia

Over 60% of museum collections worldwide are at risk because of overcrowding and poor storage conditions. In this situation, museums cannot ensure the protection of their collections, especially in emergency situations. In addition, with up to 90% of their collections hidden away and unaccessible in storage, museums are missing out this essential resource for connecting with their communities.

Since 2011, ICCROM has developed RE-ORG, a user-friendly method to empower museums to improve preventive conservation and access to their collections in storage. To date, more than 145 museums over the world have used this method successfully. Through this course, the RE-ORG method is now introduced within the CollAsia programme for the Southeast Asian museums interested in reorganizing their storage.

What will you learn?

International Online Course on the Reorganization of Collections Storage in Museums of Southeast Asia

Together with fellow participants from other Southeast Asian museums, you will learn to:

  • analyse and document the situation of your collections’ storage;
  • develop a RE-ORG proposal to optimize storage space and improve the preventive conservation of your museum collections;
  • design initiatives for the community and visitors to have access to those collections.

Key features of the course

The online learning will be implemented in modules, including online illustrated lectures, videos, virtual group discussions, and practical exercises that participants will carry out in their respective institutions. Peer mentoring (by museums professionals who have already implemented RE-ORG) will provide support to participants throughout the course.  

Following the course, participating museums will have four months (until 31 April 2022) to implement their RE-ORG proposal. Small ICCROM grants and online mentoring will be available to support the completion of these RE-ORG proposals.

Course team

The course teaching team will consist of international RE-ORG specialists from ICCROM and partner networks.

Who can apply?

International Online Course on the Reorganization of Collections Storage in Museums of Southeast Asia

Conservators, collections managers, collections technicians, curators, registrars, and archivists working for a museum in Southeast Asia.

Application requirements

  • Is your museum in need of a storage reorganization (e.g. overcrowded, objects on the ground, poor storage conditions)? To find out, please, use the RE-ORG self-evaluation tool
  • Are there at least two professionals from the same museum applying for this course? It is important that there are at least two professionals per museum, in order to prepare and implement your RE-ORG project.
  • Is your Museum Director committed and supportive of the project?

If you answered “YES” to all the above questions, your museum can apply!

Maximum intake: 24 participants coming from 12 Southeast Asian museums (two staff members per participating museum).

Working language: English.

Technology: good and stable Internet connection, access to Zoom and Skype.

Course fee: selected participants will not be required to pay any course fee.

To apply

By 20 April 2021, applicant museums shall submit the following documents to reorg@iccrom.org:

  1. An application form (ONE PER MUSEUM)
  2. Official endorsement from the museum director giving official permission to fully access and work in the storage areas, and proposing the names of the participating team members.
  3. RE-ORG self-evaluation tool for museum storage duly filled in.
  4. PPT (maximum size: 3 MB) and/or smartphone video (to be sent via file sharing services, e.g. WeTransfer) illustrating the problems in the storage area with a brief description of the situation.

For further information, please contact: reorg@iccrom.org