Databases are used to manage diverse heritage data (e.g., on the history, value, location, and current condition of cultural heritage), and share this information among interested parties. These databases range in scale from those operated by national governments to those by individual experts. With the development of web technology, it is becoming more possible for similar institutions to create and operate databases, with free online tools or platforms such as Arches supporting this movement. However, despite these improvements, many challenges remain. This webinar brings together a number of cultural heritage experts in this area, to discuss some of the typical difficulties faced when creating and managing a database for cultural heritage, and some possible solutions to these.


  • Alison Heritage, ICCROM

  • Hirofumi Ikawa, ICCROM


  • Joseph Padfield, Conservation scientist at the National Gallery – UK
  • Annabel Lee Enriquez, Arches Project team member at the Getty Conservation Institute – USA
  • Ascanio D’Andrea, Herculaneum Conservation Project – Italy
  • Maria Elena Corrado, Istituto Centrale per il Restauro – Italy 
  • Yuichi Takada, Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties – Japan
  • Peter Yanase, Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties – Japan

Join us on 23 February 2023. Registration is mandatory and FREE.