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Master's Programme in Conservation of Archaeological Materials

The Master’s Programme in Conservation of Cultural Heritage Objects provides an opportunity to specialise within the field of conservation and to develop in-depth skills in conservation techniques and instruments. The specialisation for the academic year 2024/2025 is archaeological materials. The...


Naples Conference on Cultural Heritage in the 21st century

The Naples Conference will explore synergies between the 1972 World Heritage Convention, which celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, and the 2003 Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage marking its 20th anniversary this year. As the first major event on bringing...

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Conservation Perspectives: the GCI Newsletter, Fall, 2023

Featuring articles and discussions on areas of conservation practice and on projects and activities of the Conservation Institute. VOLUME 38 • NUMBER 2 • FALL 2023 HERITAGE AND FORESIGHT Engaging with the Future through the Past by ALISON HERITAGE Heritage conservation is founded on the belief that...


Mount making and Mounting (archaeological) objects for display

This seminar discusses the issues confronted by the mount maker when deciding how to mount objects for display (taking the views of other interested parties into consideration). The practical issues and options relating to the type of mount required for particular situations are discussed in general...


Call to Action Culture at the Heart of Climate Action

A global call to the UNFCCC to include cultural heritage, the arts and creative sectors in climate policy Artists and cultural voices from across the world are uniting to call for climate negotiators at COP28 UN Climate Conference to put cultural heritage, arts and creative industries at the heart...


Webinar #Youth4Heritage: Heritage as a bridge for peace and reconciliation. Exchanging experiences – pooling resources

Europe has been a paradigm of multiculturalism, serving as the birthplace of numerous civilisations and the custodian of their creations. The fruits of this creativity and endeavour are what we refer to today as European heritage. However, upon examining the annals of history, it becomes evident...


Examining and Conserving Painted Interiors in Historic Syrian Houses

In this seminar Anke Scharrahs discusses 17th century, lavish decorative schemes adorned the interiors of the houses of merchants & notables. From the 17th century, lavish decorative schemes adorned the interiors of the houses of merchants and notables in Damascus, Hama, and Aleppo. In this seminar...

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Applications for the Advanced Master in Structural Analysis of Monuments and Historical Constructions are open up to January 20, 2024. This is the leading international course on the conservation of heritage structures, winner of the 2017 European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage "Europa Nostra"...


Cultural heritage, innovation and sustainable development: the contribution of ReΙnΗerit

The international conference on “Cultural heritage, innovation and sustainable development: the contribution of ReΙnΗerit”, organized by the Hellenic Committee of the Blue Shield (HCBS) will be held in Athens, on 27th November 2023. The Conference is organized in the framework of the EU Horizon 2020...



E-RIHS website, a portal dedicated to connecting the past to the future through science and cultural heritage: https://www.e-rihs.eu/ I want to truly thank you as communication officers for your contribution to structuring the new website and creating the content. We are still in a “transition”...