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INCCA Café: Student & Early Career Research

We are excited to announce the second INCCA Café: Student & Early Career Research, focusing on the technical aspects of the conserving contemporary art. The Café will be held on the 16th of May, 6pm CEST (Amsterdam 6pm/London 5pm/Gweru 6pm/Seoul 1am, 17th May/Mexico City 10am/LA 9am/New York 12pm)...


Hub's webinar series: Sharing Local Stories

We’re excited to announce our Sharing Local Stories webinar series! Following an Open Call for Local Good Practices, the European Heritage Hub recently identified exemplary initiatives in the cultural heritage field that contribute to the green, digital, and social transformation of our society. In...


Jury Call for Applications – ICOM Award for Sustainable Development Practice in Museums

The ICOM Award is the first global award organised by ICOM that recognises innovative initiatives and exemplary museum practices in sustainable development. The International Council of Museums (ICOM), as a global organisation, aims to demonstrate the various ways in which the museum sector...


Urgent! Needs Assessment: Jordan Trail

We're conducting a brief survey to understand the Jordan Trail's needs for responsible tourism, cultural preservation, and environmental conservation. Link for the survey: https://forms.gle/hVAibbbS5Fo4N5TB9 Responses are confidential. Thank you for your generous cooperation. Dr. Sami Alhasanat...


Ancient South American Metal Technology: Surfaces, Alloys and Colours

Metals were discovered and developed independently in ancient South America. This resulted in a number of developments unique to various regions. Arsenical copper and tin bronze featured in some areas, but in many regions gilding, surface enrichment, depletion gilding and coloration were very...


A Reflection on Ancient Metal Technology in China

In this seminar, David Scott examines the sophisticated metallurgical techniques used in the fabrication of bronze mirrors, which were used in China from the 3rd millennium BC to recent times – some 4,000 years of bronze technology. The different ways mirrors could be made reflect the broader...

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We are seeking Conservators to join our talented international team at 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum. The newest member of Qatar Museums, 3-2-1 opened in 2022 and is one of the largest and most interactive Olympic Museums in the world. The Museum is a member of the Olympic Museum Network...


Mechanical Insights: Shaping the Future of Museum Collection Preservation

This symposium brings together an international group of experts in the mechanical characterization of historic and artists' materials to discuss current and future trends in the study and preservation of museum collections. We will create a forum to discuss how mechanical research can inform...


The perception of restorers on illicit trafficking

My name is Michela Contessi, and I am an Italian restorer. I am currently attending the Master of Cultural Property Protection in Crisis Response-CPP at the University of Turin, which will end in December with the final thesis. That is why I would like to research restorers' perceptions of the...