According to an international ICCROM-UNESCO survey (2011), collections in storage worldwide are at serious risk. This survey highlighted that in a sample of nearly 1500 museums in 136 countries:

RE-PRG Chart

While much has been written on how to plan new storage areas starting from zero, most museums are not faced with this problem at all. Instead, they must improve a situation that has deteriorated over time.

To help museums regain control of their collections in storage, ICCROM and UNESCO designed the RE-ORG Method with the help of a Storage Task Force of 15 professionals from 15 countries, and made it available online in 2011. By 2017, the RE-ORG Method had been applied in 83 museums in 27 countries via hands-on workshops, mentor sessions and online training.

All these experiences were used to revise the Method, a task undertaken by ICCROM and the Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI). The content is updated, enriched with online tools and resources, easier to use and adaptable to various contexts.