مواصلة إرث الدورة الدولية عن حفظ الورق الياباني (JPC)

وفي الدورة الأخيرة التي عقدت من 28 آب/أغسطس وحتى 15 أيلول/سبتمبر 2023، اكتسب المشاركون معارف ثمينة ليس فقط عن طرق حفظ الورق الياباني بل وعن السياقات الثقافية الحاوية لهذه العمليات. وخلال الجولة الدراسية التي أقيمت في الأسبوع الثاني من الدورة، تعرف المشاركون على كيفية الحفاظ على المنهجيات التقليدية ونقلها، وذلك من خلال المشاركة في أنشطة صناعة ورق وزيارة ستوديو للترميم.

JPC 2023 course announcementOrganization

  • TOBUNKEN - Tokyo National Research Institute for Cultural Properties
  • ICCROM - International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property

The Course

Japanese paper is internationally recognized as a superior conservation material. It is also the support material used in Japanese artworks in many collections worldwide. However, outside of Japan, it isn't easy to gain in-depth, holistic knowledge and experience in traditional conservation techniques dealing with Japanese paper. The Japanese Paper Conservation (JPC) course offers a unique opportunity for overseas professionals to bridge this gap. In addition, it provides opportunities to create links between Japanese and Western paper conservation and to encourage applying Japanese conservation approaches, materials and techniques to non-Japanese cultural heritage.

Course Methodology

The course is an intensive programme combining theory and practice through lectures, practical workshops in Tokyo, and a study tour in different Japanese cities to visit traditional papermaking masters and mounting studios.

JPC 2023 course announcementParticipants

The course is open to ten conservators-restorers, curators, keepers and other professionals actively involved in preserving and enhancing access to cultural heritage. At least three years of working experience are required. Preference will be given to candidates involved in training activities or who are heads of conservation teams.



Art historians, conservation scientists, traditional paper-mounting and conservation specialists from leading institutions in Japan.

Working language



Course fee: 900 Euros

The organizers will cover the costs of round-trip travel from the participant’s country of origin, domestic trip in Japan, accommodation and daily expenses during the course.

To apply

Please use the online course application form.

In order to finalize your application, the following digital files will be required when completing the online form:

  1. Portrait photo (allowed formats: gif jpg jpeg png tif tiff with a maximum file size of 3 MB)
  2. Official endorsement (allowed formats: pdf doc docx jpg jpeg png tif tiff with a maximum file size of 5 MB)

For further information, please contact JPC2023@iccrom.org