ICCROM evolves alongside the field it supports. In the face of global challenges, we remain people and community-centred, forward-looking and hopeful. 

Our new brand identity balances innovation and visibility with respect for tradition. It symbolizes us as a meeting place that cultivates new ideas, shifts mindsets, and connects the dots between diverse stakeholders and sectors.   

Since its inception, ICCROM has been represented by a globe, signifying our reach and impact. Our new globe symbol is inspired by the location pin—a universal marker of place. It marks where we are and helps us to find our way to each other.  

Each one of our Member States is an extension of our brand and is equally valuable in its contributions. The pins represent that through their equal size. Our new logo tells the story of coming together, and our role as the conveners and a central hub for heritage now and in the future. These location pins form a new globe – one that unites around a common cause.  

Brand identity goes beyond a logo and is also about colours, messaging, and imagery which tell the story of our Organization and mandate: where we come from, who we are now and who we want to be. 

Our colours connect to ICCROM's history, inspired by those used throughout our activities over the years. Our broad and vibrant palette captures the energy of our global network and the variety of our work. The combination of these elements is celebratory by nature.