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Our Collections Matter
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at Nayong Pilipino Foundation

Our Collections Matter (OCM) was launched in 2020 to accelerate, increase and amplify activities that support sustainable development through the use, development and conservation of heritage collections. It does so by adopting a “3T” strategy: tools, training and transformation.  

Society faces many serious social and environmental challenges – climate change, loss of biodiversity, inequality between and within countries, poverty and intolerance. These challenges must be addressed for people and nature to thrive.

Heritage collections can contribute to a sustainable future in a significant way, but not without scaling up our efforts to connect them more effectively with the challenges we see around us. Many collections-based organizations are interested in doing so but are not sure where to start or what tools to use. It is time to act together.


Empowering Museums Worldwide

Empowering Museums Worldwide

As we celebrate International Museum Day, we recognize the pivotal role museums play not only in preserving our cultural and...

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