COVID-19 knows no borders. The virus is already having devastating impacts in countries around the world, on lives of people and the social fabric of our shared existence. Due to existing inequalities and poor socio-economic conditions, many more face the prospect of death, poverty, hunger, discrimination and exclusion, as even the richer countries are struggling to combat the spread of the virus.

The wellbeing of individuals and communities is under threat due to the necessity of lockdowns, curfews, and social distancing practices across the affected parts of the world, in addition to the dangers of the disease itself. Together, these factors will have profound impact on behaviours, cultures and traditions of people.

Hundreds of micro cultures and their bearers may also be at greater risk of loss.  This loss is even more concerning when we know that the ability to maintain and develop cultural identity and cultural knowledge in a time of adversity is essential to resilience, aiding both individuals and communities to respond, recover and prepare for future threats.

Unfortunately, the extent of the impact of COVID-19 on cultural heritage remains rather unknown and largely undocumented.

Call to act

This is call to action to all of us to come together and understanding the impact of COVID-19 on cultural heritage and take the necessary action for it.

We request you to join us in galvanizing more and more reach for this cause to ensure that we have sufficient data to act and save the people through their cultures.

Use the templates given here, customise them to your context to gather data on secondary risks, impacts and needs stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Assessment Template for Movable Heritage
English | French | Chinese | Spanish | Farsi | Portuguese | Arabic

Assessment Template for Immovable Heritage
English | French | Chinese | Spanish | Farsi Portuguese | Arabic

Assessment Template for Intangible Heritage
English | French | Chinese | Spanish | FarsiPortuguese | Arabic


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