Webber Ndoro (2017-2023)


Webber Ndoro was elected the Director-General of ICCROM during the 30th General Assembly in November 2011. Dr Ndoro completed a BA in History at the University of Zimbabwe, a Master of Philosophy in Archaeology from Cambridge University, and a Master in Architectural Conservation from York University. His formal education was completed at Uppsala University where he obtained a PhD in Heritage Management. Read more



Stefano De Caro (2011-2017)

Stephano De Caro

Stefano De Caro was elected the Director-General of ICCROM during the 27th General Assembly in November 2011. His appointment follows a long career as an archaeologist, author, lecturer and teacher in several Italian universities, and former Director-General of Antiquities with the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities (MiBAC). Read more



Mounir Bouchenaki (2006-2011)

Mounir Bouchenaki

Mounir Bouchenaki joined ICCROM after a long career at UNESCO where he was most recently Assistant Director-General for Culture. Previously, he was the Director of Antiquities, Museums and Historic Monuments in the Ministry of Culture and Information, Algeria. He holds a Doctorate in Archaeology and Ancient History from the Faculty of Letters of Aix-en-Provence, France.



Nicholas P. Stanley-Price (2000-2005)

Nicholas Stanley-Price

Nicholas Stanley-Price trained as an archaeologist, working in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East. He was on the staff of ICCROM (1982-1986) and the Getty Conservation Institute (1987-1995) where he specialized in archaeological conservation and professional education. Prior to becoming Director-General of ICCROM in 2000, he taught site conservation and management at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London.



Marc Laenen (1992-2000)

Marc Laenen

Marc Laenen was trained in philosophy, classical philology, archaeology and art history. Before becoming Director of ICCROM in 1992, he was Director of the Open Air Museum of Bokrijk in Belgium for twenty years (1972-1992). He was also Director of the Bokrijk Estate in 1989 and President of the Regional Museum Council (1987-1991). He was Secretary General of the ICOMOS International Committee for Vernacular Architecture.



Andrzej Tomaszewski (1988-1992)

Andrzej Tomaszewski

Andrzej Tomaszewski was Director of the History of Architecture Institute of the Polytechnic of Warsaw, Poland before his appointment as Director-General of ICCROM in 1988. Founding President of the ICOMOS International Training Committee (CIF) he was also the author of many publications on art history, architectural conservation and training.



Cevat Erder (1981-1988)

Cevat Erder

Trained as an archaeologist, Cevat Erder founded in 1964 the Department of Conservation of Historic Monuments at Middle East Technical University (METU), Turkey and was chair of the department from 1964-1973. In 1977-1979 he was appointed Dean of the METU Faculty of Architecture. He was a member of the Executive Council of ICOMOS from 1965 to 1974 and received the ICCROM Award in 1997.



Bernard M. Feilden (1977-1981)

Bernard M. Feilden

Bernard Feilden took over the position of Director-General of ICCROM after being surveyor of both St Paul’s Cathedral in London and York Minster, the largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe. From 1962-1977, he served as a representative of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), and from 1975-1977 as a member of its Council. He was President of both the Ecclesiastical Architects Association and the Guild of Surveyors in 1976. He was presented with the ICOMOS Gazzola Prize in 1993 and the ICCROM Award in 1995.



Paul Philippot (1971-1977)

Paul Philippot

Paul Philippot trained as a lawyer, art historian and archaeologist. He also studied at the Istituto Centrale per il Restauro with Cesare Brandi. He worked at the Institut Royal du Patrimoine Artistique, Louvre Museum and was Deputy Director of ICCROM from 1959 until he become Director-General of ICCROM in 1971. His publication 'Conservation of Wall Paintings', co-authored with Paolo and Laura Mora in 1977 is an important conservation milestone. He was a recipient of the ICCROM Award in 1981.



Harold J. Plenderleith (1959-1971)

Harold J. Plenderleith

From 1924 to 1959, Harold Plenderleith was head of the British Museum Research Laboratory. In 1959 he was appointed as the founding Director of ICCROM, then known as the 'Rome Centre'. His objective of integrating both the art historical and the scientific aspects of restoration became the guiding philosophy of the developing 'Centre'. He served as Director-General until 1971 when he was made Director Emeritus. He was a recipient of the ICCROM Award in 1979.