ICCROM is an intergovernmental organization working in service to its Member States to promote the conservation of all forms of cultural heritage in every region of the world. It operates in the spirit of the 2001 UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity, which states that “Respect for the diversity of cultures, tolerance, dialogue and cooperation, in a climate of mutual trust and understanding are among the best guarantees of international peace and security.”

For more than six decades, ICCROM has partnered with Member States to support them in safeguarding heritage within their borders and beyond. Working at the international and governmental levels, and with institutions and professionals on the ground, the organization engages and informs new generations of professionals and the general public with an interest in heritage.

The only institution of its kind in the world, ICCROM is small and agile, enabling it to respond swiftly to the needs of its Member States. At the same time, as an intergovernmental organization with a vast network of conservation experts, ICCROM relies on formal institutional collaborations with organizations such as UNESCO, both Headquarters and Regional Offices together with its World Heritage Committee to which ICCROM is an Advisory Body; non-governmental organizations such as ICOMOS, ICOM, ICA and IIC; and scientific institutes and universities in Member States.

Those working on the front lines of heritage preservation, including scientists, conservators, museum curators, site managers, archivists, researchers and archaeologists, rely on ICCROM for its world-class initiatives in conservation training, information, research, cooperation and advocacy.


ICCROM develops innovative educational programmes, tools and materials for conservation and restoration, and organizes professional training activities around the world. Since 1956, ICCROM has been engaged in delivering state-of-the-art training to generations of conservators around the world.


ICCROM has one of the world’s leading conservation libraries. The catalogue contains over 120 000 books, reports and specialized journals in more than 70 languages. ICCROM also has a collection of over 200 000 images of sites and objects and various testimonies of its training, scientific and field activities over the years. In addition, this website offers comprehensive information on international events and training opportunities in the field of conservation-restoration.


ICCROM influences the research agenda of cultural conservation institutions, coordinates knowledge sharing and creates stimulating and collaborative environments where researchers can meet.


ICCROM encourages international, interregional and interdisciplinary cooperation by gathering diverse experts and institutions from around the world to offer technical advice, education and training, and to conduct site visits.


ICCROM is dedicated to raising awareness and support for conservation and restoration at all levels, from global bodies to governments to communities. The organization provides technical assistance to its Member States through sharing teaching materials, information, workshops and training opportunities.