International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property

Our services

The ICCROM Library is open again, by appointment only. Researchers interested in consulting the Library materials in our collection are invited to write to specifying their name and a detailed purpose of the research.

As stated in article 3 of Decree-Law no. 105 of 23 July 2021, from 23 August users will need to show their European Green Pass to access the library. For non-European users, we accept also internationally recognized certificates of vaccination such as the “International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis” vaccination booklet or other similar proof of vaccination/vaccination passport against SARS-CoV 2 issued from National authorities.

Users interested in receiving scanned copies of Library materials listed in the online catalogue are gently asked to contact the Document delivery services at specifying all details of the requested documents.


Our services

Library entrance – Via del Porto 13, to the right when entering the courtyard 

Hours – 10.00 – 17.00, Monday-Friday

The ICCROM Library offers free access to researchers and the general public.  No appointment is needed.  Please present a valid photo ID at the entrance for access.

Entrance to the ICCROM Library by anyone implies agreement to all the Library’s rules noted below.

Document delivery

Document delivery service by email (scanning) is available. Please find all relevant information here

Email reference

Email reference service is available.  We usually reply to requests with a list of bibliographic references from the ICCROM Library catalogue and instructions for document delivery.  In some cases, we also include links to online materials.

Please send requests to

Please note – the ICCROM Library is not a digital library.  If you find catalogue records of interest, please make a document delivery request to review the materials. 

The catalogue records may contain links to open access full text versions if they are available freely online. Records of subscription-based electronic materials also contain links to full text but are only accessible from the premises or through the OpenAthens authentication service. 

Interlibrary loan (ILL)

In some cases, the Library will send our materials to requesting libraries for interlibrary loan.  Criteria include:

  1. Distance of requesting facility from Rome
  2. Condition and rarity of book
  3. On-site demand

ILL is provided for no longer than two weeks.  Rare books and journals are unavailable for interlibrary loan.  Return of materials must be assured using a registered delivery service with tracking number (DHL, FedEx, etc.)  This number must be communicated to the ICCROM Library by the librarian at the requesting facility.

Please note – Only librarians at requesting facilities may request ILL, not the general public.

Photocopying, scanning and photographic reproduction

It is possible to photocopy and scan in the Library. Please find all relevant information here


The Library offers remote access to electronic resources for accredited users through the authentication service OpenAthens. Please find all relevant information here


Users may bring their portable devices.  The reading room is equipped with WiFi, to be used for scholarly purposes only.

Please note – By accessing WiFi, users agree not to download, distribute or access illegal or disreputable material.

Electronic resources 

The ICCROM Library provides a range of full-text electronic journals and e-books. Some of these resources are available to users only at the ICCROM premises.

Inside the Library facilities, all e-books and electronic journals may be accessed through the link in the respective Library catalogue record. All resources available on the EBSCO HOST platform are available for loan. See further information here.

Accredited users can access subscription based electronic content remotely by using the OpenAthens authentication service. For further information consult the OpenAthens section

Invitation letters 

The ICCROM Library is open to all researchers, and no advance permission is required to access our collection.

In certain cases, ICCROM will prepare a letter of invitation, which may be used by researchers to justify a period of study at the ICCROM Library to their University or workplace. This letter is not necessary to study in the Library. The letter is only provided at the researcher’s specific written request.

Requests must include the following elements:

  • Full name and position title
  • Proposed dates of study
  • Topic of study
  • An updated CV
  • A letter on institutional letterhead sent directly from the researcher’s university or workplace, supporting and justifying the researcher’s request to study at the ICCROM Library, and confirming that the researcher is expected back at the institution when the period of study at ICCROM is complete.

Please note – All such requests must be emailed to to the attention of the “Lead Librarian”. Incomplete applications will not be processed.Please allow minimum two to three weeks for processing.