Visit ICCROM Archives

ICCROM's hidden gem is our vast archives. We are always happy to welcome researchers and visitors to the ICCROM Archives, located at our headquarters in Rome, Italy. Our Consultation Room is open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. by appointment only. Researchers interested in consulting our records are invited to schedule an appointment by filling out this form, specifying your name, professional qualification and the detailed purpose of the research. 

We have more than 800 linear metres of records, including historic documents, architectural drawings, photographs, audiovisual material and heritage samples. 

According to ICCROM policies, records are available for public consultation twenty years after their creation. Notwithstanding, some records are subject to confidentiality rules and their access is restricted. These records include information that, if compromised, could be prejudicial to the interests of ICCROM or may harm an individual's privacy rights. 

Reproductions and Publications  

Reproductions and Publications
  • Reproduction of publicly available records is allowed upon obtaining the Archivist’s authorization. Permission to consult or make research reproductions of archival documents does not grant or imply permission to publish this material or to provide copies to others. 

  • In the case of special archives, such as those composed of drawings, photographs or audiovisual material (especially if ICCROM holds the copyright), reproductions may be subjected to the payment of a fee, particularly when the requested copies are to be used for commercial purposes. 

  • Requests to publish copies of records must be referred to the ICCROM Archivist. Permission is granted for one-time use and only for the purpose specified in the request. 

For more information, email us at or call +39 0658553379