ICCROM Member States can request three to five-day specialized workshops aimed at developing coordinated disaster risk management plans for heritage sites and institutions.

Organized as part of FAR, the workshops bring together disaster risk reduction specialists, emergency managers, civil defence personnel, first responders and/or military to help develop on-the-ground coordination mechanisms for conducting risk assessments, risk mitigation, emergency preparedness and response for all types of cultural heritage (movable, immovable and intangible).

The cost of a national workshop is 10-15 000 euros. To date, ICCROM has conducted national workshops in Vietnam, Ireland and Malaysia, and with the Italian Civil Protection for Jordan, Israel, Palestine and Cyprus. As a result of these efforts, eight countries have developed disaster risk management plans and procedures, as well as interagency coordination for reducing disaster risk for cultural heritage.

For further information, please contact far_programme@iccrom.org

Disaster resilience workshop in hanoi

Disaster resilience workshop in Ireland