International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property

SOIMA courses are open to professionals working with sound and image collections, as well as in educational programmes and/or with information technology. The courses typically run for two to three weeks and are held in different regions of the world, with an emphasis on mixed sound and image collections housed in a range of cultural institutions. Participants learn to:

  • recognize materials and media in their respective sound and image collections
  • identify the risks to their collections
  • make informed decisions about preservation and access based on available resources; and
  • communicate effectively and across disciplines the values and risks associated with sound and image heritage, to advocate for preservation and wider access.

The aim is to reach a critical mass of trained professionals to multiply the impacts and benefits of the courses. Collaboration and exchange of information over multiple platforms and across institutions is key to unlocking the potential of sound and image collections.

Over the next few years, SOIMA plans to develop blended online learning tools and resources to complement the programme’s courses and expand its reach.

Past Courses and Activities 



SOIMA 2019 Field Project, Vietnam

SOIMA 2017, Ghana

SOIMA 2017, Ghana (ICA)

SOIMA 2015, Workshop, Belgium

SOIMA 2014, Mexico

SOIMA 2013, Kenya

SOIMA 2013, Kenya (IASA) 

SOIMA 2011, Lithuania and Latvia 

SOIMA 2009, India

SOIMA 2007, Brazil

CollAsia - Conserving Photographic and Archival Collections

SOIMA 2017: Sustaining Sound and Image Collections

SOIMA 2015: Sustaining Sound and Image Collections