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OCM webinar 2024 CCI

Our Collections Matter: Inspiring progress + valuable upcoming new resources

We are pleased to share an update on the Our Collections Matter (OCM) initiative, a programme dedicated to empowering collections-based institutions to contribute to sustainable development. This update highlights inspiring success stories, the launch of valuable new resources, and the new call for applications to participate in the 2024 OCM Field Projects.

ICCROM holiday card 2023

Best wishes from Webber Ndoro, ICCROM Director-General

I would like to thank all of you for the outstanding support I received during my six-year term as Director-General. Some moments have proved challenging but always very stimulating, and through the continuous and valuable support of our Member States and partners, the Organization has successfully achieved many goals for the protection and preservation of cultural heritage.

A heritage-based Net Zero Journey in Kasese, Uganda

A heritage-based Net Zero Journey in Kasese, Uganda

This blog was authored by the team from the Cross Cultural Foundation of Uganda: Ms Barbra Babweteera, CCFU Executive Director; Mr Fredrick Nsibambi, CCFU Deputy Executive Director; and Mr Aliguma Ahabyona Akiiki, CCFU Programme/Communications Coordinator.

Richard Martin V. Katipunan

CBH course participant Richard Martin V. Katipunan from the Philippines

My name is Richard Martin V. Katipunan, and I’m a civil engineer from the Philippines. For the past seven years, I have been working in heritage conservation in my country. I have a keen interest in mathematics and am naturally drawn to analytical thinking. I enjoy brainstorming and problem-solving, which has led me to roles in decision-making, especially when dealing with cultural heritage. My...

Imam Khan Rajabi

CBH course participant Imam Rajabi from Afghanistan

My name is Imam Khan Rajabi, and I am an archaeologist from Afghanistan. I have spent the last ten years working in the excavation, survey, and conservation of jars alongside national and international teams and institutions in Afghanistan. I recently graduated with my second Master’s: a degree in Geography, Spatial Management, and Heritage for International Cooperation from Florence University.

Germaine Joseph, ICCROM, Conservation of Built Heritage participant from Saint Lucia.

CBH course participant: Germaine Joseph from Saint Lucia

Being aware of current challenges in my sector in the Caribbean, I came to the Course seeking formal training and a deeper understanding of the field of resilience and sustainability of heritage buildings to safeguard our historic buildings against deterioration and, more recently, the effects of climate change.


Modern technology isn’t enough to reduce the risk of disaster: We need traditional & Indigenous knowledge

This blog post, authored by Rohit Jigyasu, ICCROM Project Manager, Urban Heritage, Climate Change & Disaster Risk Management, explains the importance of integrating Indigenous and traditional knowledge into Diaster Risk Reduction (DRR) plans.