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  • The Self-evaluation tool, which gives a snapshot of the key issues affecting the functionality of the museum’s storage room(s). EN | FR | ES | PT | IT | AR | NL
  • The Workbook, which contains all essential step-by-step instructions that will apply to most RE-ORG projects. EN | FR | ES | PT | IT | AR | NL
  • The Worksheets, which capture all essential information in preparation of a storage reorganization project. EN | FR | ES | PT | IT | AR | NL 
  • The Additional resources, which give more tools and guidance for specific cases. EN | FR | ES | PT | IT | AR | NL

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Becoming a RE-ORG coach

Becoming a RE-ORG coach

A guide to help you plan and lead a workshop to implement a storage reorganization.
RE-ORG: A Method to Reorganize Museum Storage

RE-ORG: A Method to Reorganize Museum Storage

More than 55 000 museums exist in the world, and typically 90% of their objects are in storage rooms. As collections grow, financial resources continue to dwindle, leaving museums struggling to ensure that their treasures in storage are adequately looked after and accessible.
Guide to risk management

Guide to Risk Management

This guide is an abridged version of The ABC Method. It explains the ABC Method using many images, basic examples and simple exercises.
Teamwork for Preventive Conservation

Teamwork for Preventive Conservation

This document outlines an approach to introducing teamwork to improve preventive conservation in museums.