Centre international d'études
pour la conservation et la
restauration des biens culturels


Accords de partenariat stratégiques

  1. AHK - Reinwardt Academie, Netherlands
  2. Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria
  3. AHRC/EPSRC Science and Heritage Programme, United Kingdom
  4. AIA - Academic Initiatives Abroad, United States
  5. AIAC - International Association for Classical Archaeology, Italy
  6. AISAR - International Archive on the Historical and Contemporary Practice of Restoration – For Cesare Brandi, Italy
  7. American University of Rome, United States
  8. ANSA - National Associated Press Agency, Italy
  9. ARC-WH - Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage
  10. ARPC - National Agency for the Management of Major Cultural Projects, Algeria
  11. Ars Civilis Foundation, Spain
  12. ARS Progetti: Environment, Resources and Development, Italy
  13. Athabasca University, Canada
  14. Bavarian Government represented by the University of Regensburg, Germany
  15. Bocconi University - ASK (Art Science and Knowledge), Italy
  16. BUA – Bern University of the Arts, Research Unit Materiality in Art and Culture, Switzerland
  17. BUNKA-CHO - Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan
  18. C2RMF - Centre for Research and Restoration of the Museums of France, France
  19. Carabinieri Command for the Protection of Cultural Property, Italy
  20. Casa K'ojom, Guatemala
  21. CCI - Canadian Conservation Institute, Canada
  22. Central Bank of Ecuador, Ecuador
  23. CHA – Cultural Heritage Administration, Korea
  24. CHIN - Canadian Heritage Information Network, Canada
  25. CNR - National Research Council, Italy
  26. Corpo Nazionale Vigili del Fuoco, Italy
  27. Council of Europe
  28. Cultural Heritage Agency, Netherlands
  29. Domodry Srl – Italy
  30. E.C.C.O. - European Confederation of Conservator-Restorers' Organizations A.I.S.B.L.
  31. Fayoum University, Egypt
  32. Federal State Budget Cultural Institution "Kizhi State Open Air Museum of History, Architecture and Ethnography", Russian Federation
  33. Federculture, Italy
  34. FICLU - Italian Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Centres, Italy
  35. Fondazione Hallgarten - Franchetti Centro Studi Villa Montesca (VM), Italy
  36. Foundation ICCM - International Committee for the Conservation of Mosaics
  37. Fraunhofer IBP - Institute for Building Physics, Germany
  38. FTC/UNL - Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Portugal
  39. Getty Conservation Institute - Getty Trust, United States
  40. Getty Foundation, United States
  41. GHF - Global Heritage Fund, United States
  42. Government of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
  43. Government of the United Arab Emirates
  44. Government of the United States of America
  45. IAA - Israel Antiquities Authority, Israel
  46. IA-TSU Tbilisi Institute of Archaeology, Georgia
  47. IBAM - CNR - Institute of Archaeological Heritage - Monuments and Sites, Italy
  48. Ibermuseus, Brazil
  49. ICCM - International Committee for the Conservation of Mosaics
  50. ICHHTO - Iranian Cultural Heritage Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, Iran (Republic Islamic of)
  51. ICOM - International Council of Museums
  52. ICOM-CC - International Conservation Committee of the International Council of Museums
  54. ICOMOS - International Council on Monuments and Sites
  55. ICOMOS Italy
  56. ICVBC-CNR - Institute for the Conservation and Valorization of Cultural Heritage, Italy
  57. IEP - Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris, France
  58. IIC - International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works
  59. IILA - Italo-Latin American Institute, Italy
  60. Incontro di Civilità Association, Italy
  61. Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris, France
  62. Inter-American Development Bank, United States
  63. IRCICA - Research Centre for Islamic History, Art and Culture, Turkey
  64. ISCR - Istituto Superiore per la Conservazione e il Restauro, Italy
  65. ISESCO - Islamic Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization
  66. Italian Geographical Society, Italy
  67. IUCN - International Union for Conservation of Nature and National Resources
  68. IULM - Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione, Italy
  69. KIK-IRPA – Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage, Belgium
  70. KLD - Ministry of Climate and Environment, Norway
  71. Lazio Region, Italy
  72. LEPL - National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia
  73. Louvre-Lens, France
  74. MIBACT - Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism, Directorate General for Archives, Italy
  75. MIBACT - Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism, Italy
  76. Ministry of Culture and Communication, General Directorate for Heritage, France
  77. Ministry of Public Works, United Arab Emirates
  78. MNAC - National Museum of Catalan Art, Spain
  79. National Commission for Museums and Monuments, Nigeria
  80. National Heritage Board of Poland
  81. NCTA - National Council for Tourism and Antiquities, United Arab Emirates
  82. NHC.THU – National Heritage Center of Tsinghua University, China
  83. OFC – Swiss Federal Office of Culture, Switzerland
  84. OWHC - Organization of World Heritage Cities
  85. Politecnico di Torino, Italy
  86. Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development (CER), Netherlands
  87. RAÄ - National Heritage Board, Sweden
  88. Regional Centre for the Planning and Restoration of Cultural Heritage – Sicily Region, Italy
  89. RICHT - Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism, Iran (Republic Islamic of)
  90. Ritsumeikan University - R-DMUCH - Institute of Disaster Risk Mitigation for Urban Conservation Cultural Heritage , Japan
  91. Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation, Italy
  92. Russian State Scientific and Research Institute of Cultural and Natural Heritage named after D.S. Likhachev, Russian Federation
  93. SACH - State Administration of Cultural Heritage, China
  94. SAPES - Special Superintendence for Pompei, Italy
  95. SCI - Italian Chemical Society, Italy
  96. SEAMEO-SPAFA -Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Regional Centre for Archaeology and Fine Arts, Thailand
  97. Sharjah Institute for Heritage, United Arab Emirates
  98. Smithsonian Institution, United States
  99. The Principality of Monaco, Monaco
  100. TOBUNKEN - Independent Administrative Institution National Institutes for Cultural Heritage Tokyo National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Japan
  101. TUM - Technische Universität München, Germany
  102. UCL Qatar - University College London Qatar
  103. UIA - International Union of Architects
  104. UNB - Université Nationale du Bénin
  105. UNESCO – Iraq Office
  106. UNESCO - The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  107. UNESCO - World Heritage Centre
  108. UNIDROIT - The International Institute for the Unification of Private Law
  109. Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais-CECOR, Brazil
  110. Università degli Studi della Tuscia, Italy
  111. Università degli Studi di Catania, Italy
  112. Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy
  113. Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata", Italy
  114. Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza - Research Centre for Sciences Applied to Protection of Environment and Cultural Heritage, Italy
  115. Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza, Italy
  116. Università degli Studi di Urbino "Carlo Bo", Italy
  117. Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Italy
  118. University of British Columbia, School of Library Archives and Information Studies, Canada
  119. University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia
  120. University of Tsukuba, World Heritage Studies and the Certificate Programme on Nature Conservation, Japan
  121. UOS - University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
  122. URBiS, Library Network, Italy
  123. US Department of State, United States
  124. Welfare Association, United Kingdom
  125. WHITRAP - World Heritage Institute of Training and Research for the Asia and the Pacific Region under the auspices of UNESCO, Shanghai Centre, China
  126. YOCOCU - Youth in Conservation of Cultural Heritage, Italy


Autres partenaires

  1. AATA - Art and Archaeology Technical Abstracts of the Getty Conservation Institute, United States
  2. Academia Belgica in Rome, Belgium
  3. ACCU - Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO
  4. ALCOM
  5. ALECSO - Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization
  6. ANSM - Association of Nova Scotia Museums, Canada
  7. ArlC - Arabic Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Work
  8. AUS - American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
  9. Austrian Historical Institute in Rome, Austria
  10. AWHF - African World Heritage Fund
  11. BA - Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt
  12. Bibliotheca Hertziana in Rome, Germany
  13. BSR - British School at Rome, United Kingdom
  14. CACH - China Academy of Cultural Heritage, China
  15. CCI - Canadian Conservation Institute Library, Canada
  16. CHIN - Canadian Heritage Information Network, Canada
  17. CHwB - Cultural Heritage without Borders, Albania
  18. City Government of Vigan, Philippines
  19. City Palace Museum - Rajasthan, India
  20. CNCPC-INAH - National Coordination of the Conservation of Cultural Heritage, National Institute of Anthropology and History, Mexico
  21. Congressional Cemetery, United States
  22. DAI (Deutsches Archäologisches Institut) - German Archaeological Institute in Rome, Germany
  23. Danish Academy in Rome, Denmark
  24. DC Fire Department, United States
  25. Department of Canadian Heritage – Museum of Assistance Programme (MAP), Canada
  26. Diadrasis, Greece
  27. District Administration Bagan, Myanmar
  28. Dubai Municipality, United Arab Emirates
  29. École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Grenoble, France
  30. EFR - École française de Rome, France
  31. EHRF - Egyptian Heritage Rescue Foundation, Egypt
  32. European Union
  33. Geological Agency, Indonesia
  34. Geological Museum, Indonesia
  35. German Historical Institute in Rome, Germany
  36. Getty Conservation Institute Information Center, United States
  37. Government of Assam – Department of Cultural Affairs, India
  38. Government of Italy
  39. Government of Sudan
  40. Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
  41. Government of the State of Kuwait
  42. Government of the United Arab Emirates
  43. Government of Tunisia
  44. Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports, Greece
  45. Heritage Foundation of Pakistan
  46. ICN - Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage, Netherlands
  47. ICOMOS Nepal
  48. IGNCA - Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, India
  49. INP - Institut national du patrimoine, France
  50. INP – National Heritage Institute, Tunisia
  51. Institutum Patristicum Augustinianum, Italy
  53. Ixchel Museum of Indigenous Textiles and Clothing, Guatemala
  54. KNIR - Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome, Netherlands
  55. LAC - Library and Archives Canada, Canada
  56. Luce Center (Smithsonian American Art Museum), United States
  57. Ministry of Culture – Department of Antiquities, Iraq
  58. Ministry of Culture - Directorate General for Antiquities and Museums (DGAM), Syria
  59. Ministry of Culture and Civil Society, Department of Antiquities, Libya
  60. Ministry of Culture and Sports, Guatemala
  61. Ministry of Culture, Algeria
  62. Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Department of Archaeology, Nepal
  63. Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Indonesia
  64. Ministry of Environment, Albania
  65. Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture, Department of Archaeology and National Museums, Myanmar
  66. Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities - Department of Antiquities, Jordan
  67. MRAH - Royal Museums of Art and History, Belgium
  68. Museum of Folk Art, Greece
  69. Museum of the Archaeological Site of Kerameikos, Greece
  70. Museum of Zabana, Algeria
  71. Museum Support Center, United States
  72. National Archives, United States
  73. National Coast Guard, United States
  74. National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums, Sudan
  75. National Museum of Nepal
  76. NCTA - National Council for Tourism and Antiquities, United Arab Emirates
  77. NPS - National Park Service, United States
  78. NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
  79. Penn Cultural Heritage Center, United States
  80. Polish Academy of Sciences, Library and Research Center in Rome, Poland
  81. Pontifical Institute of Christian Archaeology, Italy
  82. Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar, Tanzania
  83. RIGG - Roman Institute of the Görres Society, Germany
  84. Riksantikvaren – Directorate for Cultural Heritage, Norway
  85. Sharjah Institute for Heritage, United Arab Emirates
  86. Sharjah Museums Department, United Arab Emirates
  87. Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute, United States
  88. Stone Town Conservation and Development Authority, Tanzania
  89. Summer Palace, China
  90. Swedish Institute in Rome, Sweden
  91. Tongji University - Urban Planning & Design Institute, Shanghai, China
  92. Toyota Foundations, Japan
  93. UNESCO – Bangkok Office
  94. UNESCO – Doha Office
  95. UNESCO – Kathmandu Office
  96. UNESCO – Myanmar Office
  97. UNESCO – Netherlands Office
  98. United States Embassy to Libya resident in Tunisia, United States
  99. United States Embassy to Ukraine Alumni programme
  100. University of Regensburg, Germany
  101. University of Tsinghua, China
  102. UNSUN - United States Mission to the UN Agencies in Rome, United States
  103. Villa D'Este, Italy
  104. World Bank