EN_1_20230613_ICCROM_Patronage_evento_barbie_ICCROM_2023The event focuses on the preservation of PVC artefacts using an icon of modern society as an example: the Mattel doll "Barbie." The workshop will delve into the mechanisms of PVC degradation, possible cleaning treatments, and surface protection methods to limit plasticizer leakage through a theoretical seminar and a practical workshop in which an innovative film-forming substance, researched and optimized by YOCOCU APS for plastics protection, will be presented. During the morning, the first group will follow the theoretical part while the second group will develop the activity in the workshop. In the afternoon, the two groups will be reversed.

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The event is free and limited to 50 participants. Participants will be divided into 2 groups of 25 people each.

YOCOCU APS members and their guests will have priority access to the event.
Registration is required by 7 June  2023