The World in Florence  Festival is a 5 year-long project (2021-2025) that aims at increasing worldwide the involvement of higher educational institutions and public administration committed to raising awareness, interpreting and communicating the local cultural expressions of their territory not only for sustainable but also inclusive, supportive and ethical progress of the community that they are part of.

This event is meant to actively involve communities in interpreting and communicating their local heritage and traditional cultural practices of the territory in order to protect and promote conscious, sustainable and inclusive travel dynamics and policies.


  • Universities, academies and higher education institutions, with tutor-led working teams/group
  • Libraries and cultural institutions, along with their staff, members or users interested in this subject
  • Public administration and agencies specialized in the development of tourism along with their  experts, staff or suitable working teams
  • Other organizations and associations that work in the local heritage and tourism promotion field.

The previous editions in 2021 and 2022 brought together over 140 speakers from 37 countries across 5 continents to share and compare their own experiences and attend high-level speeches in the cultural and natural heritage field. Throughout our thirty-year history, we have emphasized how cultural heritage is a powerful tool for bringing people together worldwide and how it can strongly/significantly contribute to sustainable territorial development and peaceful coexistence. The issues of our contemporary world, such as the impact of climate change and wars, make these comparisons even more necessary, by finding synergies between the world of theory and that of practice, in order to direct/guide all our activities towards more sustainable and ethical practices.

Carlotta Del Bianco, President of Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco & LBT-TTD Movement