International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property
Values and Ethics

Values and Ethics

Sixty active years in the field of cultural heritage conservation worldwide have shaped ICCROM’s core philosophy and values. Though times may change, these values remain the framework for the organization’s way of working.

Neutrality – ICCROM strives to ensure that its objectives and activities will transcend agendas and partiality. This is especially important at a time when cultural heritage is increasingly the target of political, religious and ideological movements.

Inclusivity – When considering conservation issues, ICCROM ensures that all stakeholders are identified and included. Moreover, ICCROM embraces all types of heritage and is inclusive of ideas and knowledge, integrating a broad range of disciplines and concepts into its work.

Diversity – ICCROM promotes diversity in its approach to conservation and knowledge sharing, in its respect for the different forms, types and ideas of heritage, and in its appreciation for the diversity of people and culture.

Accessibility – ICCROM is approachable and non-elite. It is committed to making knowledge openly accessible and strives to ensure that all regions of the world are served.

Flexibility – ICCROM adapts to a variety of contexts and responds quickly to the needs of Member States in response to emerging cultural heritage issues.