The M.Arch. degree programme in Architecture and Conservation Studies will be the second-tier qualification, superseding the 1-year Diploma in Design Foundation Studies and the 3-year B.Sc. (Hons) in Built Environment Studies, that will prepare you for an EU accredited warrant to pursue a career as an Architect. The course structure conforms to the Bologna Process, as the complementary programmes taken as a whole are informed by the requirements of Article 46 of the DIRECTIVE 2005/36/EC OF THE EU “On the Training of Architects”. During the course, we will provide you with a balance between theoretical knowledge in subjects that are relevant to architecture, manifested into practical architectural design workshops. In the final year of your studies, your taught and research knowledge will culminate into a Masters level Dissertation and the Synoptic Final Project, where your formidable individual and independent research skills will be implemented.

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