We are seeking 10 international participants to join the international capacity building course on “Improving Management Effectiveness of World Heritage Properties” that will be held in English in Beijing, China, from 6 to 17 November 2023. The course is jointly organized by ICCROM and the National Cultural Heritage Administration of China (NCHA). This international course provides participants with skills and knowledge to manage World Heritage properties and to carry out management effectiveness assessment to support the improvement and enhancement of management systems for World Heritage. Using World Heritage properties and heritage places in China and worldwide as case studies, the course will offer a chance to discuss how to manage World Heritage properties effectively.

Improving Management Effectiveness of World Heritage Properties

Course concept

Each year, large amounts of financial resources and human effort are invested in protecting World Heritage properties around the world, considered to be the most internationally significant heritage places. World Heritage properties are also expected to be places that demonstrate standard-setting quality in their management, as an inspiration for the wider goals to conserve cultural and natural heritage. However, well-intentioned efforts to manage those properties do not always guarantee the conservation of their values. This is partly why each year, the World Heritage Committee analyses, on average, 150 State of Conservation reports of World Heritage properties considered to be under threat. Statistical analysis shows that management and institutional factors are among the main reasons why several World Heritage properties are under the Reactive Monitoring mechanism.

The course will promote a heritage place approach to heritage management focused on understanding how to conserve and enhance the multiple heritage values of heritage places in their wider social, environmental, and economic contexts. This includes applying place-based and people-centred approaches to working with diverse communities and bringing together all relevant actors.

The course will provide participants with the knowledge, skills, and awareness for managing heritage places, including World Heritage properties, by promoting cross-sectoral and cross-regional long-term networks for lifelong peer learning and capacity building in the heritage sector.

The course aims to provide site managers and heritage professionals with knowledge, tools and resources to analyze management challenges in the current context of World Heritage and to assess the effectiveness of their management efforts and the management system of their World Heritage properties.

This course is based on two key resources:

  •  the forthcoming resource manual on ‘Managing World Heritage’ (working title), which combines the two previous resource manuals on ‘Managing Cultural World Heritage’ and Managing Natural World Heritage’ offering an integrated framework for World Heritage management and conservation;
  • the ‘Enhancing Our Heritage Toolkit 2.0’, also called EOH 2.0, which offers an integrated management effectiveness methodology specific to the needs of World Heritage properties, both cultural and natural.

Course target

The target of this course is members of managing institutions and organizations, networks, or communities tasked with the management of World Heritage properties around the world.

Priority will be given to participants from World Heritage properties currently reviewing their management system or preparing a new management plan.

Cost and commitment

There is no registration fee to attend this course. The course organizers will cover all costs concerning accommodation and meals in Beijing and any expenses related to site visits and course activities. However, visa costs and travel to and from Beijing, China, are to be covered by participants. A limited number of travel grants is available for those who cannot support their round trip to Beijing, China.

How to apply

To apply for the course, please complete the application form by 3 September 2023. At the link, you will be asked to complete the form in English and submit the following documents:

  • Professional Curriculum Vitae (in English, max. 2 pages);
  • Photo of yourself (passport-size if possible);
  • Endorsement form signed by your employer;
  • Copy of your passport valid at least 6 months from the beginning of the course;
  • For those interested in applying for a travel grant, a letter of intent is also required to be submitted with your application (explaining why the letter is needed and how the course will contribute to your work and the management of the World Heritage property you are concerned with).

Please send your documents in pdf, doc, docx, jpg, jpeg, or png format. 

If you experience issues with sending your application, please contact us at WHL@iccrom.org.